Is September 18th Scottish Independence Day? Excitement Mounts Across Scotland.

Spontaneous march to Scottish parliament Wednesday evening 

There's 2 hours to go before the polls close in Scotland and Vancouverite, Jackie DeRoo, a self confessed "Democracy Tourist" has been in the midst of the madness that is Scotland these last few days. Spontaneous marches like the one above to Scottish parliament last night are erupting all around her, Jackie says she's "witnessing the biggest commonwealth event in 100 years."

Checking out the Scottish independence referendum LIVE UPDATES in between chores, there's some neat pictures and other stuff. But from what i can gather from across the timezones is that the AYEs believe they've won [though i'm sure the Unionists are skulking around thinking they've won as well]. Time will tell but emotionally the AYEs have it by far in Scotland today.

Living here in Canada i realize how wrong the pollsters have been recently. The 'gold standard' for political polling has been telephone polls for decades, that's what pollsters are trained to do, what the media is trained to report. But the younger generations, the cell phone loving, social media addicted folks don't have home phones and the poor don't even have homes let alone any kind of phone. The pollsters are looking through old scratched glasses and the old demographic does favor the Unionist side because the older folks are the more they feel they have to protect the stuff they've earned through a lifetime of work. Very valid, for them, but not of those less enfranchised.