The Bilderberg Way Destroys Us and the Planet - The Zapatista Way Heals the Heart, Spirit and Gaia

Small farmers - like Ndomi Magareth, planting beans here on her land in Cameroon feed the world not agri-business.

The great cultural, financial, environmental world war between the peasants and the plutocrats has been vividly on display this past week. Not that the fawning, corporate owned western MSM is about to mention it.

On May 24th Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.issued his final communique as spokesperson for the Zaptistas from La Realidad [Reality], Planet Earth. Titled 'Between Light and Shadow', it explains why Marcos feels his 'star power' has become a deceptive focus for the MSM media and that his continued presence in the role of spokesman is more a detriment to outsiders understanding the Zapatista Way than a help.

Beyond that Marcos explains the evolution of the Zapatista Revolution best exemplified by their decision to turn their backs on the despoiling of Mother Earth by the corrupted plutocrats and begin to build a new way. Marcos explained that new way in 'Us and Them' last year saying, "And here is where democracy, the rule of the many, seems to defer to a new form of government: dromocracy, from the Greek word 'dromos', meaning the street."

Marcos has been, to much so in his opinion, the spokesman not just for the Zapatistas but for the peasants and small farmers everywhere. As Stephen Leahy explains, "The world is increasingly hungry because small farmers are losing access to farmland. Small farmers produce most of the world’s food but are now squeezed onto less than 25 percent of the world’s farmland, a new report reveals. Corporate and commercial farms, big biofuel operations and land speculators are pushing millions off their land. Despite this they still provide most of the world’s food because they are often much more productive than large corporate farms. Small farmers give each hectare of their precious land far more attention and care.”

"Small farmers can feed the future nine billion people on the planet if they have the land," Frederic Mousseau, policy director of the Oakland Institute told IPS. “The current global food system is set up to provide fuels and food for western markets,” he said. “It’s not about feeding the most people.” Another tireless advocate for the small farmer, for peasants, for all of us in the long run is La Via Campesino. Another is Vandana Shiva who's most recent article 'We Are the Soil' explains both intellectually and emotionally why "living seeds and living soils are the foundation of living and lasting societies."

These folks are some of those whose grace and intelligence could, like beacons of light, lead humanity from the darkness of materialism.

The five star Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, site of the Bilderberg meetings

No group better represents that darkness than the Bilderberg Group who's meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark is taking place this week.The Bilderberg Group is a six-decades-old club for some of the world’s most influential individuals, politicians, officials, businessmen, academics and European royalty, who gather yearly in secret meetings to perform the plutocratic incantations. befitting those acting as a shadow unelected government, would-be rulers of the world, which take decisions affecting billions of people behind closed doors, with little regard for the needs or wishes of the general population.

Inside sources confirmed to Infowars that Bilderberg's agenda, which was leaked earlier, will center around how to derail a global political awakening that threatens to hinder Bilderberg’s long standing agenda to centralize power into a one world political federation, a goal set to be advanced with the passage of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which will undoubtedly be a central topic of discussion at this year’s meeting.

Of course the MSM, especially in the U.S. and Canada, have been silent on both the Zapatistas and the Bilderbergs. The Americans, who rely on 4 major television networks and cable TV news to deliver them information regarding important world events - ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CNN.  Predictably, have failed to find time to inform the public of the secretive and extremely exclusive meeting of central bankers, CEOs, public officials and world dignitaries taking place this weekend. The CBC, Global and CTV networks in Canada each mentioned Bilderberg in one short sentence.

The outcome of this 'Great War' we are in the midst of between the haves and have-nots, between the peasants and the plutocrats, between the indigenous and the machine people will determine the fate of our species and that of many of our innocent cousins. Though the plutocrats have guns, drones, cops etc. to impose their darkness and though they have hypnotized many with their materialistic incantations there are still outliers, there are still those like Marcos to show us Another Way.

We can each of us start in our own backyards, rooftops, empty lots and balconies to live the life we dream, to escape the darkness of materialism by living within our one small planet's means, by refusing to consume needless crap, by refusing consumer debt and by following, with worn through knees and soil stained hands, the inner light of the peasant's way.

IMO one place to start and perhaps the single greatest service each of us can provide to our planet, our families and ourselves is to grow our own organic food from non-hybrid seeds. To save our own seed in turn, and in so doing be part of the future solution to the present day destruction being sown by GMO's, agri-business and the bio-technology giants. But whatever way you choose let it be one that undermines the Bilderbergs one tiny bite at a time.