What, What, Where, When and Why the Right Sector is So Important to Ukraine and YOU

Neo-Nazis march in Lvov 'in honor' of Ukrainian Waffen SS division

Journalists are taught to ask and attempt to answer five questions - W5...Today let's try to have a go at these 5 concerning the neo-nazis in Ukraine...Who is the Right Sector? What do they want? Where do they come from?  When? Why?

The first, WHO, is answered in depth online by searching 'Galician Division' or 'Galician SS' in any search engine. Historically you'd learn that, "during the military occupation of Ukraine by Nazi Germany, a number of Ukrainians chose to cooperate with the Nazis. Reasons for collaboration generally included resurgent Ukrainian nationalism and aspirations for independence, these however were coupled with rampant racism towards other ethnic groups (such as Tatars, Roma peoples and Poles) as well as a prevailing sentiment of antisemitism."

The Right Sector today, including Dmitro Yarosh, the leader of Ukraine’s radical Right Sector group, are the neo-nazi, skinhead decedents, genetic and philosophical, of those Ukrainian SS volunteers. Until recently they were a tiny minority of loud-mouthed radicals in Ukraine much as other groups like them who exist on the fringes of almost all European countries. Moscow has recently charged Yarosh, a presidential candidate in Ukraine’s upcoming elections who polls at about 1.5% nationally, along with Svoboda Party’s chief Oleh Tyahnybok, in the Hague with inciting terrorism by attempting to organize terrorist attacks on Russian soil.

About a week ago around 500 of them marched in marched in Lvov to honour the 70th anniversary of the creation of on April 28, 1943. Many of the participants wore embroidered national Ukrainian shirts and held insignias (a yellow lion and three crowns on a blue background) in their hands. The demonstrators made their way from the monument to the Ukrainian nationalist icon of Stepan Bandera, and to the local cemetery where a memorial to the Galician soldiers is erected. Bandera was the head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), which collaborated with Nazi Germany, and was involved in the ethnic cleansing of Poles, Jews and Russians during WWII.

WHAT they want, as one of their young leaders said recently is: “We want the Europe that the crusaders fought for, the Europe that the European nationalists fought for, the Europe of white people. Muslims humiliate native people now and they take away our lands. We will stand for a white Europe, a traditional Europe!”

WHERE they come from as Floyd Rudmin, a professor of Social and Community Psychology at the University of Tromsø in Arctic Norway, says, is all over Europe, "Now Neo-nazis from across Europe are reportedly coming to Ukraine to join in the mayhem." So that the Right Sector's numbers are growing everyday is essential to the west's puppets in Kyiv because Ukraine's regular military have little or no respect for Yats and his installed government. Consequently the western MSM carefully edits out any mention of the Right Sector militias in their propaganda disguised as 'news'.

WHEN? The Right Sector neo-nazis became important when they violently took the reins of the Maidan Square uprising that overthrew the existing corrupt government who all Ukrainians had been demonstrating against for months.  They rose in importance when they were the group that backed the west's installed puppet government. Then, last week, when 'our man Yats' sent well over a thousand of them to Odessa to create a false-flag operation he hoped would force Russia into invading they rose even more into view.

WHY? Because the U.S. - IMF - EU mafia, after having the elected president overthrown for rejecting submission to the IMF 'noose', needed their immoral muscle to back the installed Yats regime so that regime would accept the noose-like conditions attached to the IMF's 'loan'.

One week ago today the Right Sector thugs massacred at least 46 people [32 remain in critical condition]. Already the picture of what happened is becoming clearer by the day from eyewitnesses and neutral outside experts like Serbian historian, Nebojsa Malic who says, "According to all the evidence that I have seen, the entire thing in Odessa was a giant false flag operation. It was a provocation, it was one of those stage massacres that the pro-Western forces excel at staging, intended to draw Russia to overreact to commit military forces so that the coup government as well as its sponsors in the West could have justification in saying, 'Oh that is the case of Russian invasion, and everything we have been saying is correct.'”

As Eric Draitser, an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City, says, "The Odessa massacre and the so-called counterterrorist operation in eastern Ukraine are part of the US-backed policy pursued by the Kiev regime". Global Research says, "This involved the leadership of the local police, ultra-right wing paramilitary organizations and armed provocateurs." Amost all outside experts agree with Sergi Lavrov that Right Sector’s bloody atrocities in Odessa weren’t designed just to draw Russia into open conflict, but, more importantly, to send a message to other protesters that they’ll be killed if they continue opposing Yats and the IMF noose and that now, "not only Russians, but also ethnic Czechs, Hungarians and other ethnic minorities in Ukraine are concerned about their rights and security," Lavrov said.

Pepe Escobar's article [quoted below] 'The IMF goes to war in Ukraine' is a must read IMO. In it Pepe does a great job of explaining how the IMF's noose in Ukraine works and the big WHY of it:

The IMF has approved a $17 billion loan to Ukraine. The first $3.2 billion tranche has arrived on Wednesday. Predictably, the massive loan is not for the benefit of "the Ukrainian people." Kiev is essentially bankrupt. Creditors range from Western banks to Gazprom -- which is owed no less than $2.7 billion. The "loan" will pay back these creditors; not to mention that $5 billion of the total is earmarked for payments of -- what else -- previous IMF loans. It goes without saying that a lot of the funds will be duly pocketed -- Afghanistan-style -- by the current bunch of oligarchs aligned with the "Yats" government in Kiev.

So we're back to the Ukrainian tragedy. Moscow won't "invade." What for? The IMF's structural adjustment will devastate Ukraine more than a war; most Ukrainians may even end up begging Russia for help. Berlin won't antagonize Moscow. So Washington's rhetoric of "isolating" Russia is just revealed for what it is: juvenile delinquency.

What's left for the Empire of Chaos is to pray for chaos to keep spreading across Ukraine, thus sapping Moscow's energy. And all this because the Washington establishment is absolutely terrified of an emerging power in Eurasia. Not one, but two -- Russia and China. Worse: strategically aligned. Worse still: bent on integrating Asia and Europe. So feel free to picture a bunch of Washington angry old men hissing like juvenile delinquents: "I don't like you. I don't want to talk to you. I want you to die."