Please Pay Attention, Propaganda is Deadly. It's Here and Now About Ukraine in the MSM Everyday

The western mainstream media's [MSM} journalists, not just the U.S.'s, are not ignorant of what's going on in Ukraine, nor are they simply sloppy or lazy. they are COMPLICIT. Anyone who relies on the MSM for their information on anything beyond the weather forecast, yesterday's sports scores and the current price of needless crap at the mall are fools. The west's MSM are owned and operated by and for the interests of the rich. They are the Empire's propaganda division who's function is deception. Those who refuse to open their eyes, those who believe the lies, are the mindless tools of the rich. Their empty minds are reflected in their zombie like march to the mall in pursuit of more crap, more anything that allows them to keep believing, keep consuming, keep serving their masters.

No issue shows this mindless acceptance of capitalism's propaganda and lies more than the situation in Ukraine. There are a few independent journalists like Ray McGovern who, after years leading CIA’s Soviet Foreign Policy Branch, knows what effective propaganda looks like. In his recent article, 'Kerry’s Propaganda War on Russia’s RT', he says, "the U.S. is continuing to lose the 'information war'. As for state-sponsored, is that not an apt description for what has become of the mainstream U.S. media, given the eagerness of career-minded 'journalists' to accept U.S. government handouts as a way to prove their 'patriotism' and to shield themselves from accusations that they are pawns of Russian propaganda?"

McGovern's many years in the propaganda fields gives him huge credibility. He and his colleagues of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity continue to speak out but few dare listen, few dare admit to themselves that the Empire is their master.

 "Western powers fomenting Ukrainian conflict, US should stay out." - Ron Paul

One politician, Ron Paul, still has the cajones to speak out. In 'Ron Responds to Ukrainian Assault Launched on Pro-Russian Forces' three days ago Ron said, "The US and its allies provoked the Ukrainian conflict in the first place, despite what American media outlets and Western leaders claim about Russia’s culpability. Western Ukraine right now is being urged on by its Western supporters, meaning its NATO supporters, the European Union, the United States and the IMF (International Monetary Fund).” Paul said “The truth is, the coup of several weeks ago to overthrow the elected leader Viktor Yanukovych was stirred up by the same group: NATO, the European Union, the U.S., and the IMF.”

The truth is that the U.S.-IMF-U.K. cabal orchestrated the coup in Kiev and they were caught red-handed at it when the infamous Nuland phone call was intercepted and released. An event that should have informed the world about what was about to occur, instead the western MSM focused on one phrase "fuck the EU" and buried the content of the conversation.

The events of the last few days in Odessa show the same disregard for what everyone outside the curtain of propaganda knows. The fact is video footage filmed during the bloody events in Odessa that claimed dozens of lives on Friday shows provocateurs instigating the violence. The truth is the western media are complicit in hiding the facts from westerners. A humanitarian catastrophe is looming in the eastern Ukrainian cities blockaded in the ongoing military operation. Please pay attention [live updates available here] as Kiev intensifies military operations in Eastern Ukraine.

In the 60s i lived through the lies disseminated by the Empire's propaganda machine about the Vietnam war. i saw how difficult it was, even in those times that we now think of as times of tumultuous dissent, to question 'authority'. Every night back then my fellow American countrymen watched the MSM tell the grownups what the truth was. i watched them believe the deceivers. i watched some of my friends march off to a war they didn't agree with because they couldn't resist their parents pressure to 'do the right thing'. .

During my life i've watched how readily people blamed the Germans for not stopping the Nazi's in the years before WW2. For years i too was unable to understand how the Germans could just go along and allow such 'evil'. i think i understand now. Please pay attention, propaganda is deadly and there's a perfect lesson about that right here and now in the western mainstream media everyday.