WildLeaks' Secure Whistleblower Site Allows Us a Role in Fighting Wildlife Crime By Reporting It

WildLeaks is the first, secure, online whistleblower platform dedicated to combatting wildlife crime, simply by reporting it. The WildLeaks site lets users anonymously report instances of wildlife poaching, trafficking, or illegal logging – crimes that flourish in areas where it’s often difficult our dangerous to report them. Through the site people can upload documents, photos, videos and observations securely, remotely and anonymously using the Tor anonymity network.

WildLeaks is a not-for-profit collaborative project created & funded by the Elephant Action League (EAL) and managed by a small group of very experienced and dedicated individuals. In addition to the EAL, WildLeaks partners with a number of organisations and professionals from the around the world. Including The Environmental Investigation Agency [EIA] who's hard-hitting campaigns, based on scientific documentation, have earned them a global reputation. And 100Reporters, a U.S. based award-winning investigative journalists network working with whistleblowers and citizen watchdogs to expose corruption and heighten public accountability.

The National Geographic's very enthusiastic article 'WildLeaks: Giving Voice to the Powerless, Animal and Human' says "Wildlife trafficking crimes often go undetected and unchallenged, even though they threaten many endangered species, including elephants, rhinos, and pangolins."

Wildlife crime is the most immediate threat to many species and WildLeaks, in conjunction with an array of environmental investigative groups, seeks anonymous tips on wildlife and forest crimes like illegal logging, poaching of endangered species, trafficking of live animals like apes, birds and big cats, and buying and selling the coveted parts of dead ones - ivory, horn, bone - for the "luxury" trade. They need our support.

Please visit the site and search around to see what others are saying, pro and con [you won't find many cons], then, if you can afford it, help these wonderful people with the important mission of arresting and prosecuting the criminal traffickers, businessmen and government officials who are responsible for allowing these crimes to continue.

“Wildlife crimes very often go undetected and unchallenged when people do not speak up about them, and whistleblowers can play a crucial role in fighting back, creating awareness and doing justice." - WildLeaks