Collapse and Rebirth, the Easter Message That Can Save the Environment From Industrial Capitalism

The link between industrial capitalism and the environmental crisis is inescapable. Today, Easter Sunday, seems like the perfect day to look at why and how industrial capitalism is the primary cause of the civilization-ending eco-collapse we humans are facing: The last few Mud Reports have focused on the impending demise of the petro-dollar because the U.S. financial system is at the root of the crisis of over-consumption.

The collapse of the petro-dollar would cause a retreat of the financial 'markets' that would in turn lead to an at least mildly deflationary cycle throughout the western economies. This type of deflationary cycle would cause an immediate drop in demand by first western, then domino like, by all consumers resulting in an oversupply of goods already in the pipeline and a big cutback in the extractive industrial capitalism that is causing the myriad types of ecological crisis, including global warming. Industrial capitalism not only feeds off of crisis 'Shock Doctrine' style, demand driven industrial capitalism is the cause of that crisis.

“We have to be willing to tell the truth about the dangers," says anarchist anthropologist David Graeber, “probably the most pressing need is to shut down the engines of productivity." These two problems - the economic and ecological collapse - may appear unrelated but, as Graeber says, “ultimately they are the same." Adding. "That’s because debt is nothing if not 'the promise of future productivity'. Therefore, human beings are promising each other to produce an even greater volume of goods and services in the future than they are creating now. But even current levels are clearly unsustainable. They are precisely what’s destroying the planet, at an ever-increasing pace.”

Today the message of collapse and rebirth, the Easter message, is more important than any time in our species' history regardless of one's theism.

So, i write about, work for and support the collapse of industrial capitalism on behalf of the flora, fauna, microbes, minerals, forces and faeries. Industrial capitalism is polluting every aspect of the living planet, and though almost everyone i know agrees with that statement, i know almost nobody willing to make the sacrifices necessary stop the runaway train voluntarily. Consequently, i’ve given up on humans being capable of voluntarily making changes of anywhere near the scope necessary to effect meaningful change.

The only other route i see to there being a living planet capable of supporting the lives of my grandchildren and theirs is the non-voluntary collapse of extractive capitalism that can be brought about by only two avenues IMO. One is through a long-term financial collapse caused by a deflationary cycle like the one that the impending petro-dollar implosion could cause. The other is an environmental catastrophe so severe that a huge percentage, hopefully not all, of the global human population is exterminated.