Ukraine's IMF Theft Means Privatization of Assets, Depression and Nuke 'Em Tymoshenko for Prez

Street scene in Greece soon to be seen in Ukraine as well

Today's article by Jack Rasmus, Professor of Economics at St. Mary’s College and Santa Clara University, examines the details of and the reasons why 'Ukraine’s IMF Deal Means Greece-Like Depression'. Rasmus concludes, "But that is the essential and repeated history and legacy of IMF deals globally for the last three decades." Ukrainians are soon going to find out that everything of value in their country is up for sale to foreign buyers, including their precious farmland, their as yet untapped energy reserves, their fresh water...everything.

That - the theft of Ukraine's natural wealth - has been the point of all this all along. The same theft is being perpetrated by the same vultures just as strongly in Iowa and Calif. as it is in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Brazil, Australia and Mozambique to name just a few, as it is in Ukraine. The vulture capitalist investment funds use their phoney fiat currency to buy up agricultural land from small farmers who have been forced into bankruptcy when they've taken a bite from the poison apple of debt.

The small farmers can't compete when conglomerates sell their GMO and chemical laden crops at below cost to force the little guys out. Those little guys try hold their land by going into debt by buying equipment they are assured will make them competitive. Of course it doesn't, and then they owe interest as well. So they take another loan, the bankers tell the farmers they have huge land equity to secure however much they want to borrow. It's a death spiral. In the end the little farmers go bankrupt, their land is sold to the highest bidder [guess who?]. Once the corporations have forced the small guys off the land they jack up the prices again.

It's the same everywhere, it's 'The Shock Doctrine', it's globalization, it's a disaster and it's being aided and abetted by the assholes called western leaders and their compliant corporate owned 'free press'. This global theft of humanity's common wealth is global fascism. Water will be next and when they can figure a way out to do it, the air we breathe.

In Ukraine, the state-owned national gas company, Naftogaz, will be the first privatization causality. Rasmus estimates that natural gas prices will increase by 79% as a result of the IMF [International Mother Fuckers] deal. Simultaneously, as gas prices escalate gas subsidies to households,equivalent to 7.5% of Ukraine’s GDP, this will cripple the poor and the elderly. At the same time the conditions of the IMF deal calls for paying western banks and lenders $6.5 billion over the next two years in debt servicing payments. And it indirectly calls for the Ukrainian government to cut spending by at least $8 billion (2.5% of GDP) over the next two years—in the form of cuts in government jobs, wage cuts for government workers, and pension payment reductions of a likely 50% for retirees in general.

It won't be long before every Ukrainian will understand the benevolence of the deal Putin offered them just a few months ago. In a year or two from now every non-fascist in Ukraine will be clamoring for a referendum in the hopes of their own Crimea solution. That's where former Ukrainian Prime Minister and fascist favorite Yulia Tymoshenko comes in. Tymoshenko is the darling of the oligarchs and foreign interests despite her recent 'Nuland' moment.

A few days ago Tymoshenko's conversation with Party of Regions MP Nestor Shufrych bemoaning the state of affairs in Crimea was intercepted and released. In it Tymoshenko brusquely cuts Shufrych off when asks about what will happen to the remaining Russian speakers, saying, "Screw it, we should take up arms and kill the goddamned katsaps" - derogatory Ukrainian slang for Russians - "along with their leader." The conversation posted on YouTube, mostly in Russian, catches Tymoshenko going on to call for all Russians remaining on Ukrainian territory to be killed with an atomic weapon.

The financial and electoral battle lines in May's upcoming Ukraine elections have been drawn. On the one side there's nuke 'em 'til they puke Tymoshenko backed by the western 'democracies' working as handmaidens to the investment vultures. On the other there's us. It doesn't look good. But in other places the downtrodden are standing up to the daemon thieves. The Africans, perhaps because they've already seen what theiving assholes the developed nations are for so long, are organizing and fighting back. They seem to understand that as Vandana Shiva says, " In nature's economy the currency is not money-it is life."