Putin's Live TV Response Proves That Obama is Playing Checkers Against a Chess Grand Master

President Putin in a live Russian TV insisted that the armed forces of Russia and Ukraine were "brothers in arms".

Russian takeover of Crimea will not descend into war, said Vladimir Putin in a live TV address from his home on Russian TV. During his address Putin talked about 'fraternal' ties with Ukraine and insisted soldiers occupying Crimean military sites are not Russian special forces. Putin's address was in response to the hot air being created by the US hawks taking flight over Ukraine, though he never mentioned them.

Putin himself didn't elaborate on exactly how, but he did say that the threats of 'costs' being paid would backfire if the west followed through with them. However, as the Guardian article about his address noted that "A Kremlin aide said on Tuesday that if the US were to impose sanctions, Moscow could be forced to drop the dollar as a reserve currency and refuse to pay off any loans to American banks." Sergei Glazyev, an adviser to the Kremlin – who is often used by the authorities to stake out a hard-line stance but does not make policy – added "that if Washington froze the accounts of Russian businesses and individuals, Moscow would recommend that all holders of US treasuries sell them."

Almost immediately there rush to the toilets as the US banksters suffered what is being described as strange unidentified gastrointestinal 'flu like symptoms' - more commonly called shitting one's pants. Apparently those symptoms spread instantaneously through EU headquarters in Brussels and the IMF offices in Washington DC. Geologists are warning of a potential tsunami in the North Atlantic caused by all those toilets being flushed in unison.

Why are the banksters and their wholly owned political class so stressed out? As Chris Hedges explained in 'The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies': Our financial system - like our participatory democracy - is a mirage. The Federal Reserve purchases $85 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds—much of it worthless subprime mortgages—each month. It has been artificially propping up the government and Wall Street like this for five years. It has loaned trillions of dollars at virtually no interest to banks and firms that make money - because wages are kept low - by lending it to us at staggering interest rates that can climb to as high as 30 percent. ... Or our corporate oligarchs hoard the money or gamble with it in an overinflated stock market. Estimates put the looting by banks and investment firms of the U.S. Treasury at between $15 trillion and $20 trillion. But none of us know. The figures are not public. And the reason this systematic looting will continue until collapse is that our economy [would] go into a tailspin without this giddy infusion of free cash.

This current bubble and the looting was being supported by China's purchase of U.S. Treasury Bonds [T-Bills] for years as a means to their ends of funneling the fiat created money into their coffers then using that imaginary money to slowly and quietly buy up the real wealth of the west.

The slimy process outlined by Hedges above and perfectly described by Ellen Brown, the founder of The Public Banking Institute, is what The US Federal Reserve calls 'Quantatative Easing' and what honest people call printing money. There's been two rounds of this bullshit, unsurprisingly named QEI and QEII, now, guess what, the pigs eagerly await the announcement of QEIII.

China is no longer buying T-Bills. That is what makes the QEs so dangerous to the future of America's oligarchs and kleptocrats. America is issuing T-Bills and then buying the vast majority of their own T-Bills back. The USA has not even started to curb it's QEII donations which are $80 billion dollars of welfare for the rich a month. 960 billion dollars of aid for Wall Street.

The only thing that allows the U.S. dollar to hold its strength is the U.S.'s hegemonic control of foreign exchange through it colonial domination of currency markets by forcing all the world's oil transactions to be done in US dollars through its gunboat diplomacy - when a country like Iraq or Iran or Venezuela tries to deal in another currency the US Warships show up in a day or two just off their coast. Consequently every country in the world must hold US dollars to purchase oil resulting in an unreal demand which keeps prices unnaturally high.

Putin knows all this, so does China so does the kleptocrats. Russia is a huge exporter of energy, Putin can not and will not be bullied by the US hawks. If the Russians do it the Chinese will too, ergo mass 'flu like symptoms' among the US-EU-IMF criminals and the widespread recognition that Obama is playing checkers against a chess grand master. My prediction: an almost immediate cooling of rhetoric by the Obama-bots and continued 'flu like symptoms' among the kleptocrats.