Do the MSM, Industry and Politicians in N. America Call dilbit 'crude oil' as a Deliberate Coverup?

The folks from Mayflower Arkansas have posted hundreds of their pictures documenting the dilbit disaster there.

Tar sands 'oil' is not oil, it is Bitumen. Quoting Elizabeth May, leader of Canada's Green Party and the only politician in North America who consistently calls Bitumen by it's real name, "Bitumen is thick and solid, described as being the consistency of peanut butter. Before mining, bitumen is 10 percent of the volume of soils." Dilbit is diluted Bitumen, Bitumen must be thinned by lighter hydrocarbon solvents before it can be shipped by truck, train or pipeline. Just as calling Bitumen 'oil' is wrong, so too is calling dilbit 'crude oil' is just as wrong.

To make Bitumen more viscous a naphtha-like fossil fuel substance, called a diluent, is added. The tar sands crud [Bitumen] is a long-term danger to aquatic life and water safety but the approximately 30% that is 'dilutent' posses and even greater immediate threat to every living thing as it evaporates. The silence about the ingredients of the diluent is no mystery. The oil industry says the formulas are a trade secret but sources, including crudemonitor.ca , offer a dangerous and deadly list of the most common components of every solvent the industry likes to not talk about. There's the aromatics toluene, benzene, xylenes, ethylbenzenecy, clohexane and other naphthenes all known carcenogens. There's hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and thiols, traditionally also called mercaptans, all very toxic as well. Benzene in particular is a known high-risk carcinogen, so benzene content is typically specified in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Plus others not publicly published by science researchers.

Remember the Mayflower Arkansas spill that occurred on March 29, 2013? The folks in Mayflower are still suffering. The Mud Report did a number articles about it then starting with 'Mayflower, Arkansas Knows Dilbit Doesn't Small Like Oil But the Industry PR Smells Like Bullshit'. While researching those posts i read what the folks there were saying, followed the media coverage and emailed with a couple of people in the area.

Within hours the media was already calling the disaster an 'oil' spill, now it's almost impossible to find a source that mentions dilbit. So complete is the PR spin that even the local folks who are still suffering from dizziness, headaches, and nausea now always call the crap 'oil'

Almost one year after ExxonMobil’s pipeline burst and caused a major dilbit spill near Mayflower, Arkansas, officials are saying the area is safe to live in. But locals, like former Mayflower resident Ann Jarrell say she “tried to stay here for as much as I could but like many other locals, she started having constant headaches and coughing after the spill." she added. “I have friends who still live here. They don’t have a place to go. They have small children… and they’re all sick and their homes aren’t selling. There are a lot of us who have been forgotten. We’re just collateral damage,” Ann said.

The folks in Mayflower know dilbit doesn't smell like oil and it definitely it doesn't clean up like oil. They know that twenty-two homes were immediately evacuated in the subdivision near Mayflower not because of the crud itself but because of the dangerous evaporating diluents in the air [immediately upon contact with air the solvents that dilute the bitumen -  diluents - evaporate leaving the heavy goo to sink]. Yet even on the Facebook page maintained by those local people the title is 'Mayflower Arkansas Oil Spill'.

It's not just the North American corporate media 'pressitutes', on February 11, 2014, RT's [Russian Television] headline read:: 'Exxon oil spill town 'deserted land', residents still getting sick, forced to abandon homes' RT is hardly a conscious American propaganda tool yet they too have succumbed to the corporate PR spin.

Is the media calling dilbit 'crude oil' a deliberate coverup designed to keep the public from understanding the unique hazards of dilbit pipelines?
A recent search of Google News about the Mayflower spill returns 11,400 results calling it crude or oil, whereas only 2 results call it dilbit.
Media reports about Michigan’s Kalamazoo River spill in 2010 were 'crude oil' over the correct 'dilbit' by a factor of 4:1.
The Yellowstone River July 2011 dilbit spill was called 'crude oil”'by industry and most media 15:1:
The Alberta Red Deer River dilbit spill in June 2012 widely reported to be “crude oil” over “dilbit” by 10:1
By March 28, 2013 the Minnesota train derailment had media reports calling the contents 'crude oil' over the correct 'dlbit' by 1,000:1
And the Mayflower Arkansas dilbit spill is called 'crude oil' by the industry, news and all levels of government over the correct term by 1:000 : 1.
Notice the trend. 4:1, 10:1, 1000:1. Is the media just getting it wrong more often? Or is this an intentional coverup? Betcha know what i think.

This isn't just in the U.S. and Russia, this deceitful PR campaign is even more aggressive and complete up here in Canada. Tomorrow The Mud Report will focus on Canada's media [where even the most progressive outlets avoid the dilbit devil] and on Canada's political parties where only one party - the Greens - and their leader Elizabeth May consistently calls the devil by its name. Thanks Elizabeth.