Ukrainians Have a Bright, Independent, Future Ahead, Partitioned or Not, If They Choose Wisely

Kiev Square yesterday. The flames are gone
but the difficult choices remain.

It has taken Ukraine decades, if not centuries, to get into the trouble they're in now culturally, politically and financially. There is no quick, easy, 'Free Lunch' solution that will change all that. Only long-term thinking can solve the enormous challenges all Ukrainians face. Only Ukraine's people, not the outside powers, can choose the road ahead.

The greatest danger Ukraine faces, other than open warfare between the opposing fear-filled factions, is that their temporary leaders make the huge mistake of believing the kabuki theatre performance by the self-interested IMF-EU-US deceivers and sign onto an agreement that in the end will cost Ukraine their independence and their 'real' wealth. Ukraine is one of the naturally richest places on Earth. It was once called the breadbasket of the world, it could be again if the political leaders there act in the people's best interests not in the interests of their oligarchs and bankers.

If those leaders can just take a deep breath, remember what making a deal with the Empire's devils has cost Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland in this go around and what it has cost every country globally that has, when in trouble, agreed to the 'structural adjustment' noose demanded by the bankster devils they'll choose wisely, if not...Mephistopheles awaits.

Neither the US-EU-IMF cabal or the Kremlin is a being an altruistic actor in this Kabuki show. Putin's government also is acting to serve its own financial, political and geopolitical interests. But Ukraine's history is Russia's history. Kiev was for 500 years named Kievan Rus, it was the capital of what we now call Russia. It was overrun by the Mongols 1000 years ago because it was the most important trading center in that part of the world when Moscow was an insignificant village. Ukraine is still Russia's close neighbor and far, far away from the US. If Russia were to start meddling in Mexico's affairs what would the US reaction be?

As worldwide polls consistently show, the US is regarded as the greatest threat to world peace. IMO the US is not merely a threat to peace. It and its despicable European puppet states are a threat to the existence of life on the planet. US foreign policies are insane, and European 'leaders' are either paid off or threatened [or both] into to providing cover for that insanity.

i see a bright future ahead for Ukraine, either united or partitioned, if it chooses to be allied neither to Europe nor to Russia. As Katia Gerus, 39, a secretary from Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine, says: “I don’t think Ukraine should join the EU. We just need to consolidate the situation in the country and then we can move on as an ordinary, independent country open to cooperation with all countries. We have our own resources and can find our own path ahead. We have an opportunity to do things properly on our own.” Which is exactly what The Mud Report has been recommending.

Reading the mainstream media' propaganda spinning out these last few days, be it from the western or the eastern perspective, has been educational in that by reading each a person can see fairly clearly how opinions are manufactured. As Ukraine stands at this historic crossroads there's a lot of things for them to consider and discuss among themselves before they should choose which road to take.

Tomorrow, unless the events of the next 24hrs change my mind, The Mud Report will concentrate on Ukraine's long, long, history and attempt to use it as a canvas on which to paint the hopeful and viable landscape that could lie ahead of Ukraine if they wisely, not fearfully, choose which road can lead them there.