Call of the Wild in Blackpoint Last Night, Hope it Happens Again...Or Maybe Not

My best friend Pancho and i had just came in from our last little outing about 9:30 PM.  We do a little tour of the back 40 every night just before bed for Pancho's sake . Last night i heard something i've never heard before other than on TV or at the movies, wolves howling.

There's been a lotta reports of them very near to us here in Blackpoint [10km.south of Powell River in southwest B.C.] recently. So many in fact that the local newspaper, The Powell River Peak, did an article recently designed to educate us locals.

On our evening tours we always stay within our fences anyway because i'm afraid of tripping and falling on the uneven lane behind the hideout now that i'm an old codger. From now on our routine will remain the same but for a new reason.

There were at least two of them. It sounded like they were just at the edge of the forest up above us...maybe 200 meters away. Here in Blackpoint the edge of the forest is the edge of civilization, there's isn't another habitation within 200 miles in that direction and to get there includes crossing the impenetrable glaciers and forests of B.C. Coast Mountain Range, not something many two footers have ever accomplished.

It was beautiful to hear this call of the wild and a bit frightening. Pancho knew immediately what it was. Her hair went up, her ears went up but she didn't bark. She stood totally still, we both did, and listened. They sang in unison or harmony or something. It wasn't random,  it was...wild. A native friend told me this morning that wolves and bears are a pathway the great beyond. Maybe they're here to show Pancho and i the way.

Last night i felt  like i'd been blessed or something. Hope they come back again soon...or maybe not.