Our Job Now is to Stand With the Yinka Dene and Other First Nations - HOLD THE WALL

Barnard Harbour [above] is the proposed terminus of Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline project, beautiful isn't it. Just over a week ago The National Energy Board (NEB) released its report on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal after conducting widespread and extensive hearings where 1,161 people spoke publicly and all but two people were opposed. More Canadians participated in this process than any other project in the country’s history. Despite the fact that expert witnesses and even the Government of British Columbia all formally requested that the NEB reject this pipeline proposal, the NEB approved the pipedream.

A famous Yogi once wisely advised, "It ain't over 'til it's over." The hearings are over, but the fat lady ain't sung yet. The federal government, next will announce a decision that approves the Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands pipelines and tankers project. That's when this all heads to the courts where in the past few years the First Nations have been winning these types of decisions.

The powerful Yinka Dene Alliance of First Nations has joined with other First Nations to create unbroken wall of opposition.committed to using all lawful means to stop this devastating project from ever being built through their territories. To quote:

"We, the First Nations of the Yinka Dene Alliance, continue to steward the lands and waters in our territories according to our ancestral laws. We have used those laws, expressed in the Save the Fraser Declaration, to ban Enbridge’s Northern Gateway and similar tar sands projects from our territories. Our laws require that we do this to defend the lands and waters we rely on. We will not allow the proposed...pipelines, or similar tar sands projects to cross our lands, territories and watersheds, or the ocean migration routes of Fraser River salmon. We are asking you to stand with us to Hold the Wall."

Our job now is to stand with Yinka Dene and other First Nations, they have unique rights in Canadian law. Those rights are the last wall of legal resistance Harpo and his billionaire backers face in their dubious assault on the Earth. Click here to make a pledge to stand with First Nations in opposition to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipelines and tankers project.