Criminal Oligarchies Now Control and Manipulate the Supply of the World's Essential Commodities

A commodity is a marketable item which is defined as any good or service produced to meet a demand. Yesterday i used potash and aluminium as examples of how commodity oligarchies can and do manipulate commodity markets with imaginary money. The banks and speculators, who are increasingly pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, see big windfalls in non-listed assets such as commodities and commodity-related infrastructure but refuse to accept responsibility for the disasters their manipulations cause.

"Using special exemptions granted by the Federal Reserve Bank and relaxed regulations approved by Congress, the banks have bought huge swaths of infrastructure used to store commodities and deliver them to consumers — from pipelines and refineries in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas; to fleets of more than 100 double-hulled oil tankers at sea around the globe […] The maneuvering in markets for oil, wheat, cotton, coffee and more have brought billions in profits to investment banks." - N.Y. Times

Again, taking potash as an example, in the last few years of negotiations with big buyers like India and China the potash oligarchy has ratcheted potash prices well above their production cost by having no qualms about turning off the supply spigot when the buyers looked likely to gain the upper hand. As a senior official at a major Indian potash firm said "It hurt Indian companies, Indian farmers and the Indian government". It also 'hurt' the Indian people who were forced to pay higher prices at best, or ...maybe far worse.

Today these recently bailed out ‘Too Big to Fail’ banks like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and the investment firms, pension funds and other speculators are buying huge warehouses to stockpile all the materials needed by the worlds manufacturing and food industries and keeping it locked up and unavailable forcing prices higher and supplies unattainable.

"Today as these criminals control and manipulate; store and restrict the supply of all goods, energy and materials required for survival. If we all do as we are told the supplies might be released in enough quantities to keep the common folk content. But should any segment of society, government or industry be required to be punished, should any single entity step out of line, these criminals now possess every tool available to crush the dissent. Electing a new leader or a new Party for any democratic state is useless. The jig is up and has been for a long time." Merv Ritchie

If i was Emperor all those new prison beds Harper is building would end up being filled with commodity manipulators and their henchmen.