Canada's CSEC a Fountain of Carrots and Sticks for Bribing and Blackmailing It's Friends and Foes

Imagine how much money could be made on the futures market alone by having known the thinking and planning of Belaruskali's managers in the weeks before their defection and the resulting 23% drop in potash prices. Imagine how much money and/or power that kind of information commands for politicians, bankers and speculators. Imagine...And that's just one bit of info in one commodity. That money and power are why Canada's CSEC spy agency has been caught conducting industrial espionage on the Brazilian government and Brazilian companies that compete with Canadian firms.

Not surprisingly, CSEC has been in the news big time since October when Snowden revealed that the agency has conducted industrial espionage on Brazil considering the foreign policy of the Canadian government that places the promotion of Canadian business interests to be above all else.

Not surprising also in that Canada is a proud member of  'Five Eyes' along with the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Five Eyes, inaugurated in in March 1946, is widely acknowledged to being used by the US and its allies for diplomatic, military and commercial purposes. As far back as Dec. 2000 former CIA Director James Woolsey confirmed in Washington that the US steals economic secrets "with espionage, with communications [intelligence], with reconnaissance satellites", and that there was now "some increased emphasis" on economic intelligence.

During a recent hearing called by the Brazilian Senate's Commission on Foreign Relations into whether the NSA and Five Eyes spying agencies were able to acquire Brazil's commercial secrets and to capture communications of the country's president and military.  On the witness stand, Glen Greenwald declared that "indeed the NSA and their allies espionage was not solely aimed at preserving national security but also at collecting valuable commercial and industrial data from rivals."

The article 'Commercial Espionage - the Multi $Trillion Iceberg Beneath the Tip of Snowden's Recent Revelations' gives a broader history with many more links if you're interested. But basically, terrorism is a cover for the real story - the fountain of information to be used as either carrot or stick by those in possession of it to steal your hard earned money.

The Spooks at Five Eyes are worried about a "doomsday" cache of highly classified, heavily encrypted material they believe former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has stored on a data cloud, guess that's why he's escaped 'rendition' [or whatever they call their extra-judicial abductions now]. And yesterday The Guardian's editor said that only 1% of the docs. Snowden gave them have been have been published.

Maybe Snowden has stashed a list of democratically elected politicians who've dabbled in the futures markets with 'exceptional' success. Politicians who are well connected with the military industrial complex. Or maybe a list of politician's and regulators's porn video viewing habits or mistresses' phone numbers or ? Do you think Harper is building CSEC a $Billion 'Spy Palace' to keep you safe from terrorists or to keep his high-falutin contributors well informed?