Say Hello and Thanks to the NSA Using a Sentence Generator Containing the NSA's Keywords

Ran into a solution for the stressed lady on the left, well maybe more a pin-prick or a slight breeze, It's called 'Hello NSA' They've developed a handy phrase/sentence generator that she, and all of us who'd like to help the NSA feel noticed, can use to generate sentences sure to catch the eye of the NSA-bots. Imagine how well appreciated the NSA would feel if millions and millions of us decided to include a sentence or two from 'Hello NSA' in every email, facebook update and tweet.

Here's two that they generated for this blog-post: On a Southwest flight to San Diego, Iran into one of the Chemical Brothers. Iran, Youran, Theyran perfect eh! And: We're out of fertilizer–see if Home Depot has any ammonium nitrate. Careful loading it up–that stuff leaks. Whadda ya think? Should they earn The Mud Report a new follower in Utah?

It seems that Uncle Sam is more of a peeping Tom than first thought. They already sift through and store trillions of bytes everyday. Thousands of folks work around the clock tending the machines that snoop on us all. Perhaps only once in awhile will these tenders be summoned to serious action by a menacing phrase or sentence. Sooner or later, if you remember to use 'Hello NSA', a recently bored NSA listener might be reading along so don’t forget to say hello.

If you were wondering how the NSA and DHS sifted through the masses of cookie recipes, emails to Gramma and porn to find the hidden pearls, the answer is the word 'sieve'.Last year, the Department of Homeland Security was forced to release a list of over 370 keywords that served as trip-wires amidst the flow of conversation that pours through social media. This list is the basis for the sentence generator's aplomb.

Now just imagine for a second, if you were planning a criminal act, let alone a terrorist act in this day and age, would you use the Internet or phone to talk about or plan it? Of course not. None of this is news, the criminals/terrorists aren't stupid, your government is. Or are they? Billion$ For Bribes, Bullshit and Fear.