Turn On-define the problem, Tune In-study its roots, Drop Out-of the cycle causing it

At this time in history the Evil Empire is impervious to change via the imaginary process called democracy and, because of its global police state structure, equally unassailable by traditional revolution. But there is another way and Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN is again showing us that way. In his recent series of essays, 'Us and Them', Marcos points out the very real Achilles heal of extractive capitalism when he says that the real danger the empire faces is from "Those who look to the other side, who leave the mold, or break it, or ignore it."

Getting to the point of being able to ignore the empire is a process and Timothy Leary's advice to 'Turn on, Tune In and Dropout is still good advice about how to proceed. The process is ontological and must occur for our species and many others to survive.

Fortunately many folks worldwide, maybe even the majority, have 'turned on' to the fact that our world isn't going in a good direction. The process whereby folks educate themselves to the reality of and reasons for our current state is the 'tuned in' part. By 'tuning in' to the cause of this global dis-ease many folks already see that the broad environment is deteriorating due to the strain put on it by conspicuous consumption, greed and the cancerous growth of materialism shared by liberals and conservatives - two disciples of Mammon who share the same upwardly mobile creed.

At this point, folks having used their intellect to 'turn on', then 'tune in', can use their new found awareness to act. As i said above, the empire is invulnerable to either democratic change or violent revolution, but it is vulnerable to folks ignoring it, it can be undermined by non-participation, by folks simply 'dopping out'.

Folks can't adopt an alternative strategy, especially one as revolutionary as living a life of voluntary simplicity, of becoming a dropout, without first grocking to the fact there is a problem, without then learning the causes of that problem. Without this understanding the anti-materialist point of view (which I share) falls on deaf ears. With it, it's POP GOES THE WEASELs, capitalism itself is seen as the biggest bubble. With it living a life of voluntary simplicity until the collapse becomes the 'way', with it folks become Green Dragons.

The website 'Collapse of Industrial Civilization' always offers interesting articles that educate and inspire folks tuning into the roots of our problems, i highly recommend it. Check out 'Armageddon Nervous-The Apocalypso Song' from there below.