Thousands Lineup at Canadian Border Crossings Waiting Their Turn to Buy More Needless Crap

The Labour Day long weekend is off to a typical start, it's a bit rainy, and thousands of Canadians are lined up coast to coast at the US border crossings. They'll there sit idling, listening to some tunes or checken out facebook for at least an hour until it's their turn to buy some more needless crap. It's all so wrong for so many reasons.

First off, why are they spending their money to support the US workers, owners, governments and economy when it's the Canadian economy that supports them, Canadians that are their neighbors, Canadian price differences that pay for the medical care, schools and better wages for those neighbors? And why is the government not discouraging them from spending all their dough down in Amerika without limits, duties and taxes and then enforcing those rules?

Why? Why? Why?, As Joni Mitchell asked recently, "Why Whine?" Well i'm whining because every economic exchange has unintended environmental consequences embedded in it. Capitalist markets are driven by demand, everything we consume, essential or not, causes environmental pollution over a broad range of different types.

As Jorge Majfud says, "Trying to reduce environmental pollution without reducing consumerism is like combating drug trafficking without reducing the drug addiction." It's important to notice that Majfud refers to the broad issue of environmental pollution, not just to global warming. The World Federation of Scientists, which encompasses many of the world's most eminent scientists and today represents more than 10,000 scientists, now focuses on 15 "planetary emergencies," among them water, soil, food, medicine and biotechnology, and climatic changes.

One thing they agree on across all fields is that there are no 'Green Solutions'. Every alternative energy is simply another way of burning fossil fuels and creating even worse environmental conditions broadly speaking. Even Nuclear energy which creates little to no CO2 in production creates plenty of it during the mining, transport, crushing and construction along with another huge pile of even worse GHGs during the enrichment process. Not to mention that on a broader scale, nuclear energy's by-products contain loads of dangerous and undetectable particles that zip in/out of every living thing causing cancerous mutations.

Until humans learn to live within their means, learn to stop driving to the mall, learn that hard work isn't a sin - debt is - and get rid of their consumer memes and dreams, capitalist expansionism will continue and so will the border lineups.

Please take a look the list below, maybe research some the topics more broadly,  i think you'll agree that each issue can be boiled down to demand driven consumer capitalism as their underlying driver and my mud-dle minded whining.

1. Contamination of Drinking Water

2. Water Pollution

3. Soil Contamination

4. Wildlife Conservation

5. Air Pollution

6. Biological Pollutants

7. Carbon Footprint

8. Climate Change

9. Consumerism

10. Dams

11. Ecosystem destruction

12. Energy conservation

13. Fishing and its effect on marine ecosystems

14. Food Safety

15. Genetic Engineering

16. Industrial agriculture

17.Desertification and Soil Pollution.

18. Urban Sprawl and Habitat Destruction

19. Logging Destruction and  Global Warming.

20. Mining and its Contributions to Global Warming

21. Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology.

22. Natural Disasters and their impact on all aspects of the environment.

22. Nuclear Issues

23. Overpopulation Concerns

24. Resource Depletion

25. Sustainable Communities

26. Waste Management.