On our Global Titanic the Elites are Quietly Climbing Into Lifeboats While the Band Plays On

Even if somehow the world's billions of consumers woke up tomorrow and adopted the level of conservation necessary to actually reverse the destruction being wrought on our environment by the extraction of resources and manufacture of useless crap to meet those demands the capitalist economy would implode. The 'markets' would capitulate [as the traders say] every mutual fund, every pension fund, every investor would be wiped out. Panic and war would soon follow.

The system, the elites, the powers that be, the politicians, the corporations, the banks - whatever you wanna call them -  are delaying the public's understanding of this horrific reality so that they can lay the plans to retain their privilege and power in the chaotic superheated world that's coming. If, in the meantime, the schemers figure out how to make more money off schemes like geoengineering as the global fear level rises, so be it. The elites know though that geoengineering MIGHT slow global warming in the short term but it won't do shit to stop all the other insults the biosphere is suffering from extractive capitalism and that its potential for causing unpredictable collateral damage is unparalleled.

On the Titanic the band playing kept playing lest the passengers think something was REALLY wrong. It's not a new tactic as the 5,000 year old carving from Turkey [above] implies.

Lately i'm more and more convinced that it's too late and too expensive at this point for anything meaningful to be done about global warming. There are some sane solutions but they would require massive changes that both the 99% and the 1% refuse to even consider [for opposite reasons]. It seems to me we're not on teetering on the brink of disaster, we're well over it. My best analogy right now is how the band kept playing on the Titanic, even as it sank, so no one would panic, especially not those passengers, who like us, were in steerage..

IMO, like on the Titanic, the powers that be understand that no good can come from our dear leaders standing up and saying it's all over and causing a global panic. For instance, if the IPCC allowed permafrost carbon feedbacks to be included in their climate model's projections the reality that we're headed towards a massive extinction event would become clear to everybody. So 'The Band Plays On'.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the elites are buying time, alliances are being formed and arrangements being made. Their arrangements include locking us in steerage so as to insure we go down with the ship while they - the wealthy and their ilk - take the few available lifeboat seats [like the private islands in the south seas] that might be able to grow food in the future and are currently being stocked up while we debate and their storm troopers protect them.

All the while the berths are filling up down here in steerage as 'we the divided' spend our time in debate. All those debates about the causes and consequences of global warming are signs we still have hope that meaningful change is possible. But, as the dividers, the conquers, know, it's a false hope. False hope is a deadly mind numbing disease. Thankfully there's still beer in steerage, it and "God" are the last refuges down here eh.