Are the Syrian Chemical Attacks Another False Flag Disaster Designed to Propel the US into War?

The US has a long history of disasters that conveniently fit into an existing US plan to start a war that US citizens are overwhelmingly against. In the case of the Syrian chemical attacks the US has been itching for years to find a way to assist its paranoid ally Israel in an attack on Iran and now is a doubly convenient time as this rush to war has mostly silenced the NSA's spying critics. 

Speculation is rampant across the Internet and non-corporate media now as even impartial experts are alleging the tragic deaths were the result of another 'false flag' operation carried out by the US and its goons. In addition to other circumstantial evidence numerous impartial analysts have commented on how it makes little sense for Assad’s forces to have carried out such an attack days after UN chemical weapons inspectors entered the country. Whether the alleged chemical weapons attack was an attempt by the Assad regime to target the militants, or as Russia asserts it was a conveniently timed “planned provocation” carried out by the rebels themselves to coincide with the movement of CIA-trained FSA militants, remains to be seen.

The article titled 'Is Obama complicit in Syrian Gas attack?'  started me researching all this over the last few days focuses on the issue of leaked emails from a defense contractor that refer to a plan, approved by Washington, to carry out a chemical weapons attack on Syria.

Of course none of us can know absolutely if this was an irrational act by Assad who must have been aware that every act of his is/was under the surveillance and international media microscopes, and not just any act but the worst chemical weapons attack to date which would in all probability prompt a western military intervention into his country? Or is this another really a false flag attack in which the so-called rebels, aka Qatari mercenaries, are trying to pin the blame on Assad in order to instigate a western military attack?

Remember it wasn't that long ago that Colin Powell stood before a global audience at the UN and gave a bogus presentation based totally on 'intelligence' that resulted in a decade long travesty of death and destruction. Now here we go again. There is no actual material evidence that the Syrian government forces are guilty, the only evidence the west has is from these same 'intelligence' sources and this time the allegations not only grease the path for another unpopular empire building military fiasco they also serve to help silence the expanding criticism of their illegal worldwide eavesdropping. YIKES!

The 1,300 deaths in Damascus are certainly tragic, but what would be just as tragic is if this wholesale murder of innocent civilians was merely to promote an agenda of empire building. It would be so much easier to believe the US and its allies if it weren't for their track record:
  • In 1898, the battleship Maine conveniently exploded in Havana harbor, allowing the Spanish American War to begin.
  • In 1915, the passenger ship Lusitania, despite many warnings of German U-Boats in the area, set sail for the US and was promptly sunk. After the 1916 election, Woodrow Wilson, who ran on the platform of "he kept us out of the war," took us to war.
  • In 1941, Pearl Harbor brought us into World War II.
  • In 1964, the mostly-staged Tonkin Gulf Incident set ablaze the already smoldering Vietnam War.
  • Both 9/11 and apocryphal Weapons of Mass Destruction were used as a shield for starting a war with Iraq, that lasted for ten years.