The 'Security' Apparatus and the Corporations That Own Them Live in Fear of YOU

"They fly in town, they get shot down"

As Edward Abbey said, "A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against its government." Guess you don't have to tell it to the residents of Deer Trail, Colorado which on Monday will become the first town anywhere to issue a bounty for drones. Citing the movement slogan - 'They fly in town, they get shot down' - the population appears nearly unanimous in its support of the bylaw and bounty.

Deer Trail's patriots may or may not have heard the recent speech by the FBI director Robert Mueller admitting that drones [unarmed for the moment at least] are being used in skies over the US for surveillance and tracking by a long list of state, county and city law enforcement agencies as well as Homeland Security and the FBI themselves [Oh Goody]. And they may or may not have read the new CIP International Policy Report which reveals how the military-industrial complex, including homeland security, have put border drones at the beck and call of other 'authoroities' who don't yet have the means or regulatory approval to have their own.

Or maybe the tide turned in Deer Trail when US Attorney General Eric Holder responded to Sen. Rand Paul’s inquiry as to whether the president claimed the “power to authorize a lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil and without trial.” by saying that, speaking hypothetically, it is “possible to imagine” an extraordinary circumstance in which that power might become “necessary and appropriate.” YIKES. The Deer Trail folks don't have to look very far to see the gathering darkness of Drone World do they...

The laws, Cicero wrote in the days of the Roman Republic, “are silent in time of war.” But what if the war has no end, no defined enemy, no defined territory?

Fear trumps freedom in many parts of 'the home of the brave' these days. The recent revelations by Edward Snowden of a massive and illegal surveillance program in the name of security that makes George Orwell’s book 1984 look tame are just another example of the descent into tyranny that even the US Constitution warns of by requiring all federal politicians and bureaucrats, all military personnel, to swear an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution from enemies "both foreign and domestic". That is, the authors of the US Constitution understood that government personnel may be the very people who would destroy its Constitutional government.

To quote John Atcheson's article 'The New Social Contract — and Why You're Not Part of It', Perhaps the constant drumbeat about the terrorist threat is merely cover for the fact that the social contract has been rewritten since Reagan. No longer is the compact between the governed and the government – it is between the corporations and the government. We are now one nation, under corporations, for corporations, by corporations."

What are the authorities so afraid of? Certainly the globe's most powerful military and covert security establishment aren't really so afraid of medieval terrorist mullahs spouting "Death to Amerika". No the authorities only use the evil enemy as a tool to keep the only real threat to their extractive empire divided. The authorities are the security apparatus of the corporations and elites that own them and they all live in fear of YOU. The powerful know that one day their empire of consumption will collapse...and they're scared shit less that, when that day comes, we - the many - will open our eyes and form a newer social contract that doesn't include them - the few.