Calling it SRM or Geo-Engineering Instead of Chemtrails Doesn't Make it Any Less Dangerous

The reality is that climate change is seen as threat to security by the US military and every other security agency on the globe. Gen. Anthony C. Zinni,  former head of the US Central Command wrote recently, “We will pay for this [climate change] one way or another. We will pay today and have to take an economic hit of some kind. Or we will pay the price later in military terms,” he warned. “And that will involve human lives.” Is the US Military is concerned about the consequences of climate change? You Betcha!

Another reality is that the US, NATO, China, Russia and others including the corporations who see huge profits from various geo-engineering schemes on this desperate planet and have been experimenting for decades with ways to engineer a way around the consequences of our abusive consumption. For instance between 1962 and 1983 would-be weather engineers tried to change the behavior of hurricanes using silver iodide. That effort, dubbed Project Stormfury, was spearheaded by the Navy and the Commerce Department.

The early weather modification techniques were all based on silver iodide cloud seeding. These efforts focused on seeding the lower altitude clouds so as to control precipitation. They were only marginally successful because these low levels clouds had to contain enough moisture in the first place. Over time different tactics evolved including trying different chemicals at different altitudes. It's a long story, but here's a link to an online timeline if you're into the details. One important milestone mentioned yesterday was the idea of spraying aluminum oxide from jet aircraft patented by Hughes Aircraft back in 1990.

Sometime before 1990 the engineers at Hughes [and others] had figured out that the highest clouds, those up in the stratosphere, reflected solar energy back into space thereby having a cooling effect on the planet, whereas lower levels clouds acted as a blanket holding in both the Earth's heat and the reflected energy incoming from the sun. The technologies that have evolved are known in science as Solar Radiation Management [SRM], Stratospheric Aerosols, Geo-Engineering or Climate Engineering. Unfortunately in popular culture they've become known as chemtrails. By not calling them chemtrails The Mud Report is trying to get beyond the knee jerk conspiracy theory name calling and let the issue move back onto weather manipulation and environmental modification techniques (ENMOD) where it belongs.

SRM through aerosol injection is the most plausible SRM geo-engineering strategy, since at least some sort of analog to it - large volcanic eruptions - has been observed to reduce tempratures, at least on a relatively small area or short time scale. But a major analysis in Science this year by leading experts titled 'A Test for Geoengineering?' concluded: "Stratospheric geo-engineering cannot be tested in the atmosphere without full-scale implementation." Going on to say, "Weather and climate variability preclude observation of the climate response without a large, decade-long forcing. Such full-scale implementation could disrupt food production for billions of people". In addition recent sampling is showing huge amounts, some over 4,000 times the legal limits, of toxic aluminum build up in water samples from pristine areas where planes spraying Stratospheric Aerosols have been documented and are of huge public health concern.

The military, the corporations and the spooks know full well that any admission of global geo-engineering experimentation would bring trillion dollar lawsuits from the lawyers of every water district, every agricultural group and countless others. Consequently, what at first glance appears to be a project designed to save the planet is kept secret allowing the conspiracy theories to explode [more on that tomorrow].

Calling it Solar Radiation Management, geo-engineering or chemtrails doesn't change the fact that its real and very dangerous. Despite what the genuflecting mainstream media says there are whistleblowers like William Thomas the manager for planning and environment at the Victoria Airport Authority who has confirmed that 'chemtrails' spread by US Air Force tanker jets over the BC capital are a joint US-Canadian military operation. Also, recently the United Nations (UN) and various Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed groups have  been forced to admit that such sprayings are taking place, and that the emitted particles are not normal contrails. As spokesman for the groups said, " The chemtrail sprayings are being done to save the planet from the devastating effects of global warming".

Below are some of the known negative consequences of  SRM global geo-engineering programs [YIKES!]

Greatly reduced overall global rainfall.
Completely disrupted global hydrological cycle
Loss of blue skies and direct sunlight, thus effecting photosynthesis
Greatly increased global drought
Greatly diminished crop yields
Decimated ozone layer. Northern and Southern hemispheres
Contaminated soils
Contaminated waters
Contaminated atmosphere and breathable air column
Unquantifiable negative impacts to all life forms
Increased dry lightning strikes creating record forest fires
Possible triggering of climate feed back loops like methane hydrate and clathrate releases