Are Both the KXL and NGP Straw Men Setup to Divert Attention From a New Great Game?

Yesterday's article by Andrea Germanos titled 'Is Enbridge Building a Secret Keystone Pipeline?' raised my hackles a bit. It has a great map and legend that appears at the bottom of this post and the information in the article itself is fine, though a bit thin. It's the title itself. The word 'Secret', which Enbridge's pipeline plan is not, is being used as a sensational piece of eye catching hyperbole. Andrea is a well informed science writer who's written many great articles at Common Dreams, she knows full well that the members of the Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance have been protesting and organizing against what they call Enbridge’s Tar Sands Frankenstein since their inception.

It's true that Canada’s largest transporter of crude oil - Enbridge - has an ongoing attempts to construct a route from Canada to Texas that has only recently started attracting widespread attention. The MSM's eyes are focused on TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline both because it needs Obama's stamp of approval and the fact that almost all of the Climate Change stars use the hyperbolic headline trick to keep attention focused on KXL. Enbridge's proposal doesn't need Obama's regulatory approval but it does need others and the folks on the ground have been fighting those approvals at every stage and continue to do so.

Nowhere in Andrea's piece does she acknowledge The Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance folks who along with the folks of the Tar Sands Blockade and others including Bold Nebraska are on the ground in the US resisting Big Oil's pipeline plans for the same reason Canada's First Nations and environmental activists are fighting the Northern Gateway Project and the Kinder-Morgan Expansion projects up here, to protect the water, land and wildlife that sustain us all.

Enbridge Inc is welding together a 5,000-mile network of old pipelines and new ones, reversing the flow on some and pumping up the volume on others, building their very own 'Frankenstein' pipeline down to the Gulf coast. The zig-zag route crosses Alberta and Saskatchewan then cuts through North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, placing an enormous section of  North America at risk for a spill—including the Mississippi River and hundreds of other waterways. Yet curiously the MSM's focus remains fixated on KXL in the US and the Northern Gateway Project [NGP] in Canada.

It's eerily similar. Could it be that both the KXL and Gateway are straw men setup to be beaten up then be rejected and declared a rousing success by the Climate Change celebrities when they have actually been duped into being part of a successful diversionary tactic that greases the path for the Tar Sands crud to the Houston and Cherry Point refineries? Some days this old skeptic wonders if the celebrity climate change activists like Bill McKibben, James Hansen, Naomi Klein,  Daryl Hannah and others are being used by Big Oil in a New Great Game.. [Retraction: After re consideration and a couple of re-readings i agree with the anonymous commentor below. It is unfair, to question the possible motives of other people i don't know at all  i was wrong, i'll try not to do it again, sorry.]

In addition to the map below, The National Pipeline Mapping System is a fairly straightforward (albeit somewhat buggy at times) mapping service provided by the US Department of Transportation. You can search oil and gas pipelines by county in the United States. There is a brief and informative instructional video on their homepage that explains how to use the public map viewer, which is free of charge.