#4 Exorcising Absolutism in the Pursuit of Intelligent Discourse and Mutual Respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as Aretha Franklin crooned so clearly, means a lot to everybody. It's a what goes around comes around sorta thing, that's why we're building our metaphorical communication bridge's abutments outta mutual respect and in the process trying to bury, mafia style the overheated, name calling issuing from the solitudes on both sides of the chasm of distrust - Greenville and Growthton. Today it's Growthton's turn to sing along with Aretha.

First off, it's important to state that global warming/climate change is a symptom, not the disease itself. Defining and dealing with the overall disease can only be accomplished through the 'bumpy' progress of communication. Right now, there's less than zero communication between the two encampments and the pejorative labeling by both sides is one of the biggest hurdles to raising that score. For sure the Greenville proponents started the manure flinging, but the Growthton opponents quickly rose in indignation to the affront with a buncha well flung dung of their own.

'Warmist' seemed to be the best at sticking to the opposition so its usage quickly skyrocketed. The term 'warmist' is now used in a derogatory sense as in 'the warmist cult', 'the religion of warmism', or, my personal favorite, 'the warmistas'. The Urban Dictionary's definition says that every 'warmist' has these 5 traits:
1) An absolute belief that humans are primarily or even completely responsible for causing a mass climate change which will raise the average temperature of the planet.
2) Will not entertain the idea that it is possible that natural phenomena may cause climate change, regardless of any evidence.
3) Believes it is a good thing to throw billions upon billions of dollars at an idea that may or may not work to stop climate change, "just in case."
4) Believes that natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes are an indirect result of humankind's actions to cause climate change.
5) Shouts down, puts down, and insults anyone whose beliefs run contrary to their own, rather than having intelligent discourse. A zealot for their cause.

The over all religious 'absolute belief' vibe and the totality of #5 perfectly define the view both encampments have of each other. Our bridge will hopefully be a venue for 'intelligent discourse' and the exorcising of absolutism from both of the present solitudes.

The Growthton abutment is appropriately made of concrete. For concrete to be both strong and flexible it needs what engineers call pre-stressed re-enforcement. Don't know about you but whenever somebody calls me a prejudicial, ugly name like 'warmist' it pre-stresses me so it sounds like 'warmist', and it's cousins, are excellent choices to be buried and forgotten by the Growthton opponents of Global Warming Theory in service to the cause of building a strong and flexible connection through mutual respect.

Words matter. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but bones heal fairly quickly, deeply hurt feelings usually don't heal quickly, if at all. Words stick on the inside even when they've been forgotten on the outside. Looking at the terminology, the verbal manure, both sides fling at each other it's no wonder that every attempt at 'intelligent discourse' is quickly undermined by a mutual distrust of motives. As our project moves on to the tower foundations next mutual distrust of motives will be the next foul fiend we use to re-enforce our communication bridge.