Thousands of Outraged Canadians Join RBC Boycott Over Foreign Worker Outsourcing

The Royal Bank of Canada is in full damage control mode as thousands of angry Canadians from coast to coast to coast join the protests and begin moving their money in response to learning about RBC's outsourcing deal that will see some of its staff lose their jobs to foreign workers. The new Facebook site is exploding with 'likes' and comments from folks who have joined the boycott by either closing their accounts completely or being in the process of it.

The story hit a few days ago when Dave Moreau, an RBC IT systems support employee, went public by contacting the CBC. Moreau told the CBC that dozens of employees at Canada’s largest bank are losing their jobs to temporary foreign workers who are in Canada to take over the work of their department. Moreau, one of the axed employees said, "The new people are in our offices and we are training them to do our jobs."

RBC is the most profitable bank in Canada making almost $8 billion last year and another $1.9 billion in the last quarter alone. RBC, like every corporation serves only one master - its shareholders. This move, which could end up being the dumbest in Canadian banking history, shows both just how short-sighted and stupid that type of business model is and also empirically proves how little they care about their employees or their customers.

If this style of business offends you, as it does me, and you are a customer of RBC, there are concrete actions we can take to put a crimp in RBC's profits. Moving your money to a local Credit Union is one. You can find a Credit Union near you by using this Credit Union Locator, give 'em a call, you might have to make an appointment because they'll probably be real busy in the next while. Credit Unions are owned by their members and by investing locally they benefit the local community economically.

Next, why not send off a few emails. Here's a few address to start with:
RBC's board of directors : https://www.rbc.com/governance/contactus.html
RBC's public affairs manager: Mark.Hamill@rbc.com
Human Resource Minister: diane.finley@parl.gc.ca

Then check out the 'Boycott Royal Bank of Canada' Facebook page and sign the AVAAZ 'Canadians should have priority for jobs' petition.

To be fair, RBC isn't the only culprit, every one of Canada's big 6 banks has some type of outsourcing scheme underway, the only real difference is that RBC got caught first. In fact, Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program is full of loopholes big enough to drive any sized corporation's greed driven agenda through. Hopefully this stupid move by RBC will serve as an anti-corporate bankster tipping point and one day we'll all look back and realize how important today is.