How Corporate Structure, Neo-Liberal Politics and Globalization Create Canada's TFW Fiasco

As University of British Columbia law professor Joel Bakan's book 'The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power' explains every corporation has one purpose -maximizing shareholder profits. Bakan's book and documentary [full version available online here] examine the corporation, considering its legal status as a class of person and evaluating its behaviour towards society and the world at large as a psychiatrist might evaluate an ordinary person.

A corporation, like any psychopath, may at times appear soft and cuddly but it's only an act performed to gain your confidence in order to further their only real agenda - maximizing shareholder profits. It's a corporation's job to avoid any cost that's avoidable in the service of their one master. Only by understanding the true nature of a psychopath can one avoid becoming a victim. Canada's corporations aren't dropping the ball on the TFW file one, they are doing their slippery best to slither through the loopholes in Canada's TFW program.

Just as it's the corporation's obligation to do every legal thing possible to maximize its profits, it's the government's job to create regulations that make avoiding costs that are socially deleterious illegal. Canada's Harper government is doing exactly the opposite with its religiously zealous, neo-liberal, laissez-faire non-regulations. For instance the US, 10 times larger than Canada, had 65,000 TFW admitted last year, Canada had 338,000.

This same free market madness and its idiot twin of globalization during the Brian Mulroney era 3 decades ago launched the Free Trade boondoggle that resulted first in the loss of  so many of Canada's manufacturing jobs and is now responsible for the rabid outsourcing in almost all of its economic sectors. Mulroney wasn't a lone wolf in this, he had allies, like Margret Thather and Ronnie Reagan, but apparently a person isn't supposed to speak badly of the dead so we'll stick to lambasting Mulroney.

The Harper government's huge expansion of what originated as a Liberal program designed to bring specialized workers into Canada that were unavailable now has thousands of corporations with TFWs doing such specialized work as flipping burgers at McDonald's, pouring coffee at Tim Horton's and every other damn thing that will cut the labor cost and thereby increase the profits of the Conservative's major financial backers.

Harper's neo-liberal, free trade ilk say Canada needs TFWs because Canadians won't accept jobs in the North, or in certain industries like slaughter houses but they never mention a free market in wages and that if people won't work for $10 an hour it's usually because they can't live on that little money. They never suggest that in a free market the company should offer higher wages and training instead of being allowed to bring in TFWs instead. Free traders always demand a free market for their capital knowing that the national borders which then become invisible to the movement of their capital will corral and restrict labour's freedom.

Canadians aren't buying RBC's CEO Gordon Nixon's denials, they understand, sub consciously at least, that they can never trust a corporate apologist because, though their words may be technically and legally true, their real agenda is being manipulatively disguised to control the situation. A the recent CBC Go Public investigation into the RBC and iGATE scandal has shown the two corporations have have been working together since 2005 to replace some Canadians with lower paid TFWs and to outsource the jobs of many others. It's shown also that RBC's contract with iGATE accounted for 11 per cent of RBC's total revenue last year, according to the firm's annual report, with RBC paying iGATE about $100 million. So it's not small, it's huge.

The Boycott RBC facebook site that started just a few days ago is growing by the minute. On it are whistleblowers from everywhere across Canada in every industry telling their stories, check it out, it's very uplifting. As always, RBC, and the rest of corporate Canada, are counting on Canadians to complain for a few days and then do nothing. Only time will tell, but apparently many RBC branches now have greeters at the door like Wal-Mart to chat up incoming customers, so they're at least hedging their bets eh.