Rand Paul's Filibuster Exposes the Democrats as Hypocrites and Obama as the More Effective Evil

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky

Glenn Greenwald tweeted: "Fascinating day: Tea Party Senator filibusters torture-supporting CIA nominee over civil liberties, while Dem establishment mocks & fumes."  Having vowed to keep speaking till he could no longer speak in the name of civil liberties, Sen. Rand Paul won the support of odd bedfellows: Code Pink, Ted Cruz, Glenn Greenwald, Marco Rubio and mr. mud along with others everywhere.

Everybody who follows American poly-ticks knows that yesterday Rand Paul, a Libertarian, the son of Ron Paul and one of the seven people who voted against the NDAA, shamed the whole Democratic party. Sure there was one Dem, Ron Wyden of Oregon, who joined Paul to allow him bathroom breaks [but said he'd vote for Brennan's confirmation nonetheless]. Where was Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, Pat Leahy, Jeff Merkley? And where the fuck is Bernie Sanders?

Rand Paul, like his father Ron, opposes war all wars. Like Jon Queally of Common dreams said, "Rand Paul's attempt to defend our civil liberties - our very lives, maybe - was not based on partisanship. He criticized Bush for a good while yesterday, as well as speaking out against the wars - ALL of them".

The Pauls are different. They are ideologues, not politicians... screwy, but not bought. There are MANY issues where the Paul's viewpoints are considered somewhere between disgusting and indefensible by the majority of Americans, but on this issue - domestic drone assassinations and a few others like ending all the wars, legalizing drugs and hemp cultivation the Pauls are to be praised for both their heartfelt positions and their bravery in the face of the Empire' potential wrath.

This was brought about by Attorney General Holder's legal opinion delivered in a letter to Rand Paul the other day saying that, "Obama can target US citizens on US soil for killing without any judicial or other review." It's the most 'chilling' example yet of the 'imperial presidency' that has greatly expanded under Obama. During last fall's election Obama was re-elected in large part because folks saw him as the lesser of two evils. But instead, as many feared, Obama is really the most effective 'Evil'. If Romney or any other Republican declared themselves legally able to carry out extra-judicial assassinations of US citizens anywhere the uproar from Democrats would have been deafening. But when Obama does it they are silent and silence is complicity.