Beppe Grillo's Success Could Cripple the Auterians and Rattle the Bankster Empire

Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement reveals that The Banksters' Empire Wears No Clothes

All over this world 'the people' are uniting against the banksters' agenda. They demand decent jobs for decent pay, they demand that the rich to pay for the greed and stupidity that created the trillion-dollar bailouts that caused all this austerity bullshit. Italy, England, Spain, Portugal and Greece have tried to fix their sovereign debt problems on the backs of the poor, and 'the people' know it, they reject it, they know the rich see the tsunami on the horizon, they know the Banksters' Empire Wears No Clothes

Beppe Grillo, the charismatic 64-year-old comedian from Genoa whose anti-political non-party, the Five-Star Movement, has led his mostly young, untried and unknown candidates to a position of kingmaker in the Italian elections. Beppe Grillo, who's 5 Star Movement got over 25% of the vote, vows to bring a referendum on Italy's continuing involvement in the eurozone currency among other things. And Grillo has promised his populist following that he won't join forces with any established political parties.  Instead he scatters ripe insults over rival leaders like confetti: Mr Berlusconi is the "psycho dwarf", Nichi Vendola, leader of Left, Liberty and Ecology, is "a hole without a doughnut", Mr Monti is "Rigor Montis".

The Italian election results are seen as a clear rebuff to the austerity approach that was forced upon the Italians by the previous technocratic government led by German diktat Mario Monti. Yesterday world 'markets' tumbled at prospect that the sanity demonstrated Italy's citizens could lead to a domino effect whereby first the rest of southern Europe, then the rest of the world would wiggle out from under the banksters' boot heel and regain their freedom.

The Empire wants us all to forget what caused this disaster they call the Sovereign Debt Crisis. So perhaps a quick review is in order. The banks - who are actually a corporate mask their shareholders wear - mostly in America but lottsa other places too, lent huge sums of money they didn't actually have to bogus developers, scam artists and on mortgages the borrowers couldn't afford. Then, knowing full well these 'investments' were worthless, they bundled them up and sold them as 'securities' to other banks around the world who gobbled them up because they thought they were a free lunch. But instead of a free lunch the world's greedy banksters had bought hot air.

So instead of losing their shirts, like good little capitalists should, they went whining to their previously bought and paid for politicians to bail them out of the greed and stupidity built quicksand they were sinking into. Few governments, certainly not those of southern Europe, had enough money to bail out their local banksters so they, the sovereign governments, sold worthless bonds for trillions of dollars to fund managers, central banks the IMF and Whirled Bank who convinced themselves that surely these bonds were the long promised free lunch that would bail them out and cover their bad bets. As soon as those bonds starting coming due it became apparent these sovereign governments had no way to pay back those debts either.

At that point there were few options left. One was to let the banks collapse [remember Leyman Brothers?] and watch the 'markets' do the dominoes fall which meant that the savings and pensions of almost every voter in the world would be vaporized, which in turn meant the end of the kick back gravy train for the politicians-an obvious non-starter. Or, like the Americans, they could just print more money and give it to the banks so they wouldn't start the dominoes falling. Or, like the Germans, Dutch, Austrians, the IMF and Whirled Bank, they could demand that the capitalist owned debtor governments cut back their spending and use any revenue they collected for pay back the make believe money that started all this fiasco - the plan we know as austerity.

So here we are, the lifeblood of 'the people' of the world is being sucked dry to pay the interest on the debts of the banksters. The banksters meanwhile were making huge 'profits' and using them to pay huge bonuses to the shareholders and themselves [because they so obviously deserve it]. Then, when all seemed to be going well, the peons were quietly bleeding, when along comes, as Peter Popham calls him, "the ranting, foul-mouthed, tousle-haired figure of Beppe Grillo, an accountant before he became a cult comedian," who's mercurial ascent has shown 'the people' everywhere there is a route out from under the banksters' boot heel. Now the 'markets' are worried, now the austerians are trembling. Whadda shame, hopefully there'll be no turning back now that Beppe Grillo has shown 'the people' that the Banksters' Empire Wears No Clothes.