BREAKING NEWS: FBI to Declare the Rev. Billy and His 'Church of Stop Shopping' a Terrorist Network

Air-pocalypse hits Beijing this morning with record levels of pollution 25 times higher than considered safe.

Here's a story of international intrigue that makes The Great Game look like tiddlywinks. It started decades ago when certain western 'intelligence' agencies realized that the capitalism's Free Trade boondoggle would eventually result in countries like China and India having all the marbles. So they, the combined western world's 'intelligence' experts came up with a plan as insidious as it is effective. If you don't believe it, check out the picture above looking out over Beijing this morning.

The plan they adopted needed a number of events to occur and it appears they have. The first, and perhaps the most important, was to keep the western consumers mindlessly consuming despite the fact that they were losing their well paid manufacturing jobs willy-nilly to the lowest wage countries around the globe. That was accomplished by a combination of easing consumer credit and increased advertising creating a spike in demand for useless crap that continues to grow unabated.

Realizing that this race to the bottom would be an economic disaster for all but the richest capitalists who could quickly shift their capital from country to country the 'intelligence' agencies knew they had limited time because sooner rather than later even the most brainwashed shopaholic would run outta credit cards. World demographics showed that China would be where the big shit hit the big fan. China has billions of willing workers and a state-run economy that would be only to willing to increase production of the needless crap being demanded by mindless westerners. And we did and they did, exactly that.

Next came the embedded energy obfuscation. Everything, be it food or useless consumer crap, has a hidden energy cost. It takes energy to extract the raw materials, to build the factories, to power the factories, to feed and house the slaves [oops workers], to transport the raw materials to the factories then to transport the useless crap to the malls for consumption. Using all that energy has its own downstream costs like breathing air filled with toxic exhausts.

So, the combined 'intelligence' community concluded that if western consumers could be persuaded to buy enough crap form China fast enough so that before the Chinese [or Indians] realized what had happened to them they'd be dropping like flies from a combination of polluted air and insane transport traffic through near zero visibility conditions on the ground [again see picture above] that the west would 'win'. All of this meanwhile would make the west's capitalist bankers and oligarchs more difgustingly rich by both collecting interest on the consumer's self-destructive consumption and the sale of the dirtiest possible energy - King Coal - to the Asians.

Here's where the story returns to today's FBI declaration that the Rev. Billy and his 'Church of Stop Shopping' are being designated a terrorist network. The 'intelligence' community had no other choice really. Organizations like the 'Church of Stop Shopping' and Adbusters have already led to dangerous paradigm shifting movements like Occupy last year and now Idle No More that if allowed to continue growing might lead to mindless consumers becoming mindful, to needless stuff not being demanded, to extractors not extracting, to coal generators shutting down, to the air becoming less chunky. And the world as we know it coming to an end.

Thank you Rev. Billy, you could be our best hope.