Tla’amin Band and Powell River Residents Rally in Solidarity With Chief Theresa Spence

Yesterday members of the Tla’amin Band and many other of Powell River's residents joined in the national protest rally in support of Chief Theresa Spence and the 'Idle No More' movement. It was a great and moving afternoon of chanting, dancing and learning a bit about the history and culture of the Tla’amin people. Well over a hundred folks of all races, sexes, ages, sizes and shapes participated. It was very uplifting.

Chief Theresa Spence, of course, is on a hunger strike on a small island in the Ottawa River demanding a meeting with the Prime Minister about the treaty obligations he and his right-wing party are abandoning in their the immoral Omnibus Bill C-45. This bill which includes a porridge of anti-environmental and land grabbing statutes designed to force Canada's First Nations into dividing their lands into privately held pieces instead of being held in common as they have been for millennia as well as removing environmental protection from millions waterways across Canada.

Bill C-45 is in contravention of the agreements and treaties signed by Canada's Queen and those First Nations  But Harpo and his delusional evangelical cronies see themselves as hearing the calling of, and serving, a higher power - their "God". First Nations peoples have had this same problem with treaties between themselves and the white devils who, since the earliest European arrivals, will agree to and sign whatever agreements suit them in the present then change their minds when those agreements no longer suit them.

Of course, it's not just aboriginal peoples that find themselves in this lurch, just ask the Canadian Wheat Board about those decades old laws in Canada and how quickly the Harpo regime changed those to suit their backers as soon as they had the chance. In fairness though, it's not just Harpo. Tribe after tribe in North America has signed treaties then saw everything change once a different 'democratic' group came into power. It only takes a few minutes at Google to learn what the Cherokee, the Lakota and so many others have learned - treaties with white people are meaningless as soon as a valuable resource is discovered on their lands.

The main focus of Bill C-45 is greasing the way for Harpo's pipelineistan fantasies by eliminating the treaty obligations that guarantee those pesky aboriginals the right to protect the environment between his oil industry backers and their every growing gluttonous profits.

Anyway, it's all such crap because for the rest of us of all races, a deal is a deal. Canada signed treaties that gave Canada legal ownership of huge resource wealth in exchange for certain guarantees. Now they want to get more and give less, to bad, a deal is a deal, and 'we the people' will stand up to Harpo and his thieving capitalist supporters. We the people are 'Idle No More'.