The Millions of Prayers Seem to be Working, Hugo Chavez' Cancer Surgery in Cuba Successful

Chavez supporters held several Catholic masses and candlelight vigils across Latin America in the last few days praying for Chavez to overcome the cancer that has haunted his rule for the past year and a half. Their prayers have been answered, at least for now it appears Hugo Chavez will rise again to fight "El Diablo".

While announcing the good news Vice President Nicolas Maduro urged Venezuelans to unite in prayer for their 58-year-old president, and to keep faith that Chavez would return soon. "Yesterday's operation was complex, difficult and delicate, so the post-operation process will also be a complex and tough process," Maduro said. Ecuador's President Correa on Monday flew to the Venezuelan's side in Havana where he found him in "great spirits."

Chavez is an outspoken member of a bloc of Latin American governments that vehemently oppose the United States. Members of the group include Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The stakes are enormous - not just for leadership of a nation with the world's largest oil reserves but also for allies around Latin America and the Caribbean who rely on Chavez's generous oil subsidies and other aid.

“He’s one of the most important forces we’ve had on this planet.” Sean Penn said at rally in La Paz, Bolivia a few hours ago. Millions in Latin America and beyond agree with Penn.  Seems to be working so, hopefully, they'll all keep praying for Hugo's speedy recovery.