Extension of the 'Fearful Imperial Slaves Act' [FISA] Ends Any Illusion of Liberty and Justice For All

Once upon a time the US was respected around the world for its attempt to rise above the authoritarian grip of the few over the inalienable rights of the many to freedom and liberty for all. But like all stories that start with 'once upon a time' it was a fairytale. The noble words in US Constitution and The Declaration of Independence are only words, words that are subject, like all words are, to the vagaries of time and the pursing of definition by lawyers. In reality noble concepts like liberty and freedom for all can only be protected by constant action, never by words.

When the US Senate voted 73-23 this past Friday to reauthorize the FISA Act of 2008 which gave vast, unchecked surveillance authority to the government it showed once again that there is only one party in the US, it has two flavors and one agenda. There were a few Senators, as there were a few in the House earlier, who introduced amendments designed to provide a small amount of oversight to the domestic spying law but they were easily defeated as Senators voted overwhelmingly to defend the sweeping powers for NSA.

If America survives this fascist era future Americans will look back on these dark days and wonder how its current citizens could have been blind to the growing darkness. Present day Americans, including x-patriots like me, should have recognized who the liar Obama really supported when, as a newly elected Senator, he first said he'd vote to filibuster the original FISA, then quickly retreated to saying he'd vote against it, then, when it actually came time to vote, he voted for it. Now the lying SOB not only fully endorses it but, along with many of his corporate owned fellow Democrats, are pushing behind the scenes to make the Bush era secret spying laws permanent.

The FISA is about guaranteeing perpetual power and profit for the corporations that now own the US Government, about protecting the rich by any means necessary, about the end of any illusions Americans may once have had of privacy or liberty or freedom. The FISA allows the government to get secret court orders - orders that do not require probable cause like regular warrants. From now on any American who stands in the way of the US Government's demands for unaccountable, secret power will be automatically guilty of helping the terrorists.

Many may still fear America, but few still respect it.