The Dark Cloud of Mordor Hangs Over 'The Hobbit' After 27 Animals Die at Training Ranch

The Hobbit is a fantasy novel and children's book by J. R. R. Tolkien. that was published in 1937 to wide critical acclaim. It's never been out of print since. Read and loved 'The Hobbit' in college, read it again, then read 'the trilogy'. Re-read them all again a couple times later in life too. The news today that 27 animals used in the production have died unnecessarily at an unsafe training ranch during filming of The Hobbit brought sadness to millions.

The Hobbit is about a time and place when and where the faeries still lived openly among the people, the trees and all living things, conversed and the people listened to their wisdom. Legends of the fairies remind us of our old ancestral heritage, when people were wild, free, and happy. Long ago our ancestors broke away from the wild believing themselves to hold the power of their own destiny, forgetting that they to were part of 'the mud'.

Bilbo Baggins goes on a mythic quest, meeting incredible characters who teach us and Bilbo valuable lessons not the least of which is how easily we, like Gollum, are addicted our 'precious' material objects. This set of films will cost over $500million to make, that's alotta Gollum slobber, surely trilogy director Peter Jackson is under big pressures from the current banksters of Mordor. So they leased a farm near Wellington, New Zealand, that the wranglers caring for the animals claim, was full of bluffs, sinkholes and other 'death traps'.

These guys, these Hollywood types wherever they're from, are speculators dealing in leveraged dough, who create their shallow special effects without considering all the costs. 27 animals, horses, goats, sheep, chickens dead, now PETA campaigners are blasting producers of The Hobbit and organizing a worldwide boycott of the movie plus demonstrations at it's various premieres. Good on 'em, though mr. mud, already having such wonderful self generated images from the books, refuses to see the dumb simplified movie versions anyway.

We met and learned from Gandalf [Tolkien was inspired by the image above], and Strider and  Elrond and Galadriel about the magic we lived within before we broke away from the wild. J. R. R. Tolkien was an inspiring writer, The Hobbit and 'the trilogy' and others before them foresaw the growing menace of materialism and the power it holds over people. Tolkien's epic was, and still is, a journey there and back again.