The 100th Grey Cup Game Complete With Free Pancake Breakfast and Marty the Horse

Just finished enjoying some pancakes for lunch in honor of about 85 volunteers members of the Calgary Grey Cup Committee , which has been putting on FREE pancake and sausage breakfast at Grey Cups since 1948. The gang, who paid their own way from Calgary, served over 4,000 breakfasts yesterday and expect to serve nearly as many again today. Their only comment was to caution folks that if the pancakes tasted a bit weird it was because they were made with water from the Canadian Mordor-Toronto.

Even though i was rootin for BC a week ago, now that it's happening it's sure obvious that Calgarians know how to put on a show, glad now that they won, the pre-game week before the historic 100th Grey Cup wouldn't have been as much fun without them and Marty the horse. Marty stole the show the last couple days, especially after the Royal York Hotel was forced to reconsider its anti-horse policy and let Marty in after a Twitter backlash. Marty had a posse, Marty had a Guinness at a bar, and finally was checked into his room at the Royal York.

Tomorrow is the 100th Grey Cup game, this year the hometown Toronto 'Argos' host the Calgary 'Stampeders' but the crowds of visitors come from all across Canada, it's a uniquely Canadian celebration that often transcends the game itself. Canadians love the CFL, they love the faster game, lottsa stuff. Canadian football fans can relate to the players, 90+% of whom make a lot less than a plumber and have off-season jobs.

Guess i'll transform into a temporary Calgarian for the next day or two, the pancakes were a kickoff. It's time to go for a walk with my best friend so maybe i'll dig out my straw cowboy hate and red coat.