An Excellent Vegetarian Option for Thanksgiving Dinner

Tonight's bachelor dinner at the hideout is gonna include the liquid/vegetarian Wild Turkey substitute again this year. It's becoming a tradition. Good old Thanksgiving used to be about a day off school/work, football, and turkey, now...A turkey was a turkey back then, it had a life, it scratched it's share in the farmyard, had a few fights, got chased by the dog once or twice, a life...not a life like its wild and free cousins, but a life.

Now-a-days farmers treat their turkeys, other than the liquid variety, like machines. Domestic turkeys don't get a life anymore unless...unless they're lucky. Some few lucky, non-liquid, turkeys get rescued and sent to the 'Turkey Sanctuary' in California. During her years at the Sanctuary Marianne Skoczek wrote 'A Tale of Two Turkey's' about the domestic and wild turkeys who share the sanctuary. Among other telling things, the domestic birds voluntarily go into their coop each night, the Wild ones refuse and roost high in the trees surrounding the sanctuary.

Marianne's tale includes the recovery of the wild turkey from the early 20th century when wild turkeys no longer roamed over much of their traditional range having had been wiped out by hunting and the disappearance of their favored woodland habitat, through to the present. The wild turkey population is presently exploding especially in suburban areas. Many residents are fleeing indoors as flocks of wild turkeys [native to N America and the same species as the domestic non-liquid type] are taking over some Bay-Area suburbs.

Time for another swig..YUM.

The Wild Turkeys could become dangerous to the domestic turkey enslavers soon. The wild cousins might already be gobbling revolutionary instructions to their retarded domestic cousins.

Non-Liquid Turkeys of the World Unite, You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Cranberry Sauce.