The World Will Be Watching Tomorrow's Venezuela Election Results

Chávez Holds Mass Rally on Final Day of Campaigning

Hugo Chavez, called by his supporters 'the punishment for the rich' holds a 14% lead in the most trusted polls going into tomorrow's general election. In spite of the polling data almost all of the US and other western media media are doing their best to make it look like a close race. Challenger Henrique Capriles, known as "El Flaco," or "Skinny", is the darling of the right-wing moneyed elites who own the non-state run media and use it to hammer Chavez for his socialist government policies.

Hugo, it appears, is about to be re-elected overwhelmingly for 6 more years by his brown/round faced indigenous supporters despite the media propaganda of his mostly lighter skinned Spanish descended opponents. Hugo will win what The Carter Foundation and Jimmy Carter describe as, "The best election process in the world", because Chavez uses the country's oil export revenue to build homes for the poor, to build schools, to feed the hungry and all that commie-pinko stuff the western imperialists and capitalists fear.

Venezuela and Bolivia are a lot like Canada in some ways. we all have a region of the country where the oil/natural gas is mainly located and populations in that area who believe they should get all the proceeds from those resources. Evo in Bolivia and Hugo in Venezuela have nationalized their energy sector and use the revenue to redistribute the nation's wealth more evenly. Canada, well Canada is a petro dictatorship that is being outplayed at the oil wealth game by the oil industry which controls both the provincial government in Alberta and the national government in Ottawa.

Hugo Chavez has used Venezuela's oil revenues to finance the independence of one country after another in Latin America from the disaster capitalism programs of the IMF and World Bank that, before Chavez, kept the people of Latin America bankrupt despite their huge natural wealth. Hugo Chavez is dangerous to the Wall Street banksters because he offers Latin America and the rest of the world a viable alternative to the neo-liberal globalization model. That's why he's so demonized by the corporate controlled western media who'll be enjoying another dinner of 'crow' on Sunday night when Venezuela's election results come in.