Henry Miller, spokesman of the 'No on 37' Campaign, is a Corporate Whore

If you live in California today, Henry Miller is hard to miss.  You see him in TV ads, hear him in radio spots, and his face is all over the expensive fliers that keep showing up uninvited in your mail box. - Common Dreams

He was a founding member of the Philip Morris backed front group that tried to discredit the links between tobacco products and cancer, this same Henry Miller is an ardent proponent of DDT and other toxic pesticides-including Agent Orange, he has worked on behalf of Coke and Pepsi against laws that would require the recycling of soda pop bottles. After the nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, he argued that exposure to radiation from the disaster could actually provide health benefits. To name a few of well paid junkets beyond the truth.

The corporate funded 'No' campaign has misled voters in the state voter guide by claiming falsely that the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, believes GMO foods are safe, as position they adamantly deny. The 'No' campaign illegally affixed the official US FDA seal to their campaign propaganda, and attributed a fabricated quote to the FDA, falsely implying that the FDA has taken a position against Prop 37. All of this and much more has gone totally unreported on California news outlets, especially newspapers, where processed foods companies are the primary source of advertising revenue.

Unfortunately money talks and the media will only run stories critical of their advertisers if dragged there kicking and screaming. But what about the Californian residents who are the focus of these lies. Will they listen? Will they, where early on 80% agreed they had a 'Right to Know', allow themselves to be manipulated? Apparently they already are to a degree that will remain unknown until the evening of Nov.6th.

The 'Right to Know' campaign faces the same problem being faced by all anti-corporate movements around the world. It's the wicked problem of freedom of the press in the age of 'truthiness'. All of us, including Californians, must see why it is that corporate capitalists everywhere hate publicly funded TV and radio, why funding for science and science education are under attack and why Big Bird doesn't believe Henry Miller and wants to know if there's GMOs in his bird seed.