At Last Night's Debate The Liar Romney Gave The Liar Obama A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Fours years ago it was Obama charismatically telling the American people, including me, everything they wanted to hear all the while knowing it was just an act, just kubuki theater, and that he had no intention of doing any of it. The Pulitzer Prize winning PoliticalFact published by the Tampa Bay Times features 'The Obameter' which lists and describes Obama's broken promises one by one, there's well over 50 of them, it takes 5 pages. In each case Obama's promises sounded great at the time, but each of them contained 'wiggle words' that a fancy fork tongued, Harvard liar could and would use as soon as he was elected.

Last night he got a taste of his own medicine as Mittens Romney told whopper after un-fact-check-able whopper and Obama stood there letting him get away with it. For instance, Mittens essentially disavowed the tax and budget plan he has been running on for eighteen months, claiming that it was possible to cut tax rates and make up the difference by closing loopholes. Obama never called him on it, neither did Jim Lehrer the PBS referee who was flummoxed from the moment he heard Mittens say that his best buddy Big Bird was getting the axe.

Romney sounded as if he had conviction, hoping that, in the footsteps of Goebbels, a lie told a hundred times will become the truth. After all he had a very successful example standing right next to him. Millions of my fellow Americans and almost all of my friends already know that it doesn't matter which liar is at the helm, Mittens or the Obomber; the ship of empire is sinking.

On a more positive note Democracy Now did an interesting expanded 3 hour version of the debate where they paused after the two liars answers to allow Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party to give their answers. Check out a few of the highlights from last nights show by CLICKING HERE. It's well worth your time if you're interested in hearing some real people giving real answers.