Torture Victims Detail Widespread Use of Waterboarding by the CIA and other 'Security Agencies'

Hidden behind today's headlines in the US about the rousing speeches by Michelle Obama, Bubba Clinton and expectations about tonight's spellbinder by the 'liar and thief' is the chilling story covered much more widely by international news outlets about how waterboarding has been more widespread than the CIA will admit as new torture claims emerge from victims who were held a various 'black sites' by US and British 'security agencies.

For sure Michelle, Bubba and the Obomber are great speech makers. But none of them ever mention the ugly truths about the President’s kill list and the assassination of American citizens from flying robots. You also won't hear any mention of how, immediately after the election in 2008, Obama backed away from the vow made made on numerous occasions during his campaign speeches to prosecute those responsible for torture. Obama's framed the torture issue during the 2008 campaign as one of morality and legality. But once he was elected he allowed that shithead Cheney to re-frame the question throughout the media to one of necessity and effectiveness. Obama, a well trained Harvard lawyer, understood the repercussions of letting Cheney's expediency framing go unchallenged. To this day Obama refuses to hold the Bush administration or their lawyers accountable for their illegal actions.

Instead Obama and his hand-maiden Holder now use the same bogus legal arguments that Bush/Cheney used about torture to legitimize his 'kill list' of US citizens and his illegal drone killings around the world. Be it torture, health care, Guantanmo, Iraq, Afghanistan, billionaire bailouts, drilling regulations, permits, or his other 'Hope and Change' promises, Obama has still never seen an issue that couldn't be dodged by the application of his silver sounding forked tongue.

Let’s get one thing straight, waterboarding is torture! Waterboarding has been a favorite of tortures since at least the Spanish Inquisition because, unlike most other torture techniques, it produces no marks on the body. Waterboarding was considered to be torture by the US after World War II when they prosecuted and hung Japanese soldiers for waterboarding American prisoners of war. Recently in the US a Florida man, Major Harris III, was sentenced to life after waterboarding girlfriend with root beer and a Delaware doctor accused of waterboarding his 11-year-old daughter was charged with attempted murder and torture.

If 'progressives' in the US allow the smiling, silver tongued Obama to skate past his immoral and illegal actions because he's seen as the lesser of two evils, the 'good cop', it will betray their beliefs and display their fears.