The Mandatory Marijuana Conspiracy - A Gathering Storm

Forget Chemtrails, The New World Order, Armageddon, Alien Controllers, The Elders of Zion and The Masonic Cabal they're all just diversions designed to disguise the mother of all conspiracies, The Mandatory Marijuana Conspiracy. This morning's story at Common Dreams about the upcoming medical marijuana initiative in Massachusetts turned me on to tuning in to the issue further.

The smoke surrounding this conspiracy will drop out of sight as you read through this online Massachusetts voters' guide. You'll learn about how and why corporate powerhouses like Domino's Pizza, Frito-Lay and Hostess - maker of Twinkies [It’s a well known fact that smoking marijuana can lead to a dependency on Twinkies] - and you'll read the, until now, secret personal testimonies from 50 of the world's most powerful politicians, famous entertainers and leading tycoons about why they are behind this conspiracy.

The late great Bill Hicks let slip [see video below] the implications and the vast profits at stake for these corporate behemoths once they control the demand side of the fast food equation. Bill, an obvious co-conspirator, declared years ago, 'Not only do I think marijuana should be legalized, I think it should be mandatory." Bill pointed out that, once the conspirators had achieved their goal, all of us would be better off in some ways, just imagine he said, "The highways will be jammed with Dominos trucks. It'll be grid lock, we'll all end up with FREE pizza."