Is 666 the Number of the Beast or the Number of Mud Reports???

Well it's both according to those two unchallengeable sources of information: the Book of Revelation and Google. Some would say there's more important issues than esoteric religious dogma about Armageddon and the Antichrist or, alternatively, the Devil. But hey, what if all those crazy bastards are right, what if there really is no other escape from the widely recognized sheep horned beast who's number is 666 than that clearly explained at the Satan's Rapture website.

Just imagine how you'd feel if one minute Google was telling you this is your 666th blog entry and the next minute an Antichrist 'expert' named Paul Begley was telling you that 'the end is near', that an Alien Antichrist is on his way [arriving Dec. 21st 2012 in conjunction with the prediction from another unimpeachable source - the Mayan end of the world prophesy ] to beguile our numb-nuts leaders into all kinds of dastardly deeds including the mandatory implantation of an RIFD chip into our hand by March 23rd, 2013. Sounds like there's gonna be a hell of a lineup at the clinic around then so if you wanna avoid all the hassle and get yours in advance here's a handy link to a video with all the info you'll need to get one hassle free

Once upon a time my goal was to write 1000 Mud Reports so #666 would be 2/3 of the way to that goal. But now what with an Alien Antichrist landing in just a couple of months and Armageddon just around the corner and the Rapture, the Devil, and all that stuff to worry about it's hard to imagine writing 334 more epistles on the plight of the rogue primate unless...unless adequate precautions are taken.

So here's what i been thinkin about about takin them adequate precautions against incoming aliens and beasts -1st of all, mr. mud is gonna sell the old beater van and buy the well disguised getaway car [pictured above]. 2nd, take some advice from the Miranda Lambert video [below]. And 3rd, stock up on beer, weed and munchies - the devil's favorites.