UPDATE: FIFA Threatens to Discipline Canadian Players and Coach for 'Speaking the Truth to Power'

FIFA one of the most corrupt, scandalous, bribery ridden organizations in the world is now, instead of doing a thorough review of the referee's inconsistent calls, using intimidation in an attempt to silence the Canadian Women's Olympic Soccer Team players and coaches by threatening to discipline them for their comments after being robbed in yesterday's semifinal game by an inept FIFA referee. As FIFA knows only to well the way to get rid of a bad smell is to open a window, or in this case tell the truth.

If you're interested in taking a minute to tell FIFA what you think of their threats against Canada's players and coach just click here and speak your truth to their self-righteous aristocrates.

IMO, if FIFA suspends Coach Herdman, Christine Sinclair or any of the Canadian players from the Bronze medal match, the entire team should boycott the game. Further, whether FIFA's scandal-ridden brain trust decides to discipline any of the Canadians or not, the Canadian Olympic Team should vote unanimously to have Sinclair carry the flag in the closing ceremonies. She proved herself the greatest female soccer player in the world yesterday, so i think she's earned the right.

FIFA is attempting to intimidate Herdman and Sinclair because they believe they can. FIFA thinks they have the power to damage or destroy Herdman and Sinclair's professional future. FIFA officials are arrogantly acting much as Abby Wambaugh did when she intimidated the inexperienced referee with into making those mistaken calls. But this time it's FIFA that's mistaken, Herdman, Sinclair and the rest of the Canadians will stand up to them because they have what FIFA doesn't, class.