'Moneybags' Mitt Romney Chooses 'Lyan' Paul Ryan for VP, a Giant Step Toward Revolutionary Change

Romney's pick of Paul Ryan is a small step for reactionaries and a giant step for revolutionaries. Lyan Ryan, as he's known in his Wisconsin congressional riding, was just another little known right-wing crackpot until the TEA party was taken over by the super-rich propaganda machine and he unveiled his alternative budget which has been widely condemned by every 99%er and wildly embraced by every member of the 1%. The scope of its pandering to his corporate backers is matched only by its ability to drive middle class Americans into the poorhouse where they'll meet many of their recently foreclosed on neighbors.

As Josh Holland of AlterNet said a while back, "If you could create a political party that convinced a large number of people that by electing you they could eat all the ice-cream they want, and then sit on their butts watching TV all day and never put on an ounce, you’d have a pretty good chance at gaining power. That’s what the conservative movement has done in terms of taxes and spending."

Personally, i applaud Moneybags Mitt for his choice. No politician in America and no budget proposal could possibly do more to bankrupt those working Americans who are still holding onto the last shred of the 'Exceptional America' delusion as quickly and efficiently than Lyan Ryan.

The last time America was in the kinda economic ditch they are now, back in the dirty 30's, FDRs New Deal plan pulled them out of it. Roosevelt's plan was roundly condemned by the rich at first but FDR knew, and eventually convinced the industrialists on easy street, that unless the workers of the country were given an honorable way out they would unite and cast off the chains of corporate capitalism in a revolution that would overthrow the system that then, as now, enslaved them. Roosevelt wasn't a humanitarian, he was a pragmatist. The New Deal kept the hands of the working class away from the scrawny necks of the rich. Romney and Ryan, if ever elected, would do exactly the opposite and with any luck exactly the opposite results would transpire.

We, the 99% of America, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia [and anywhere else i forgot]. must find a road out of the fear that encircles and enslaves us. Roosevelt also once famously said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." In 'State of Siege' by Albert Camus the young hero Diego, overcomes his fear and defies of the authority that enslaves him and all of Andalusia by sacrificing his life. Diego's personal courage having been demonstrated to be the only means of combating the devastating effects of totalitarianism his fellow citizens then rally together to easily throw out 'The Plague' they once feared. Perhaps if enough of those folks, now marginally managing to keep their heads above water, go under a leader like Diego will arise to show us all the road out of the valley of fear. A Romney-Ryan 'Plague' sounds like a giant step toward finding that revolutionary road to me.