Hey Hey Bob Dylan - by Sam Dill

Hey, hey Bob Dylan where did you go?
I'm sure Woody Guthrie would sure like to know
Why you met with the man who can kill anyone
and how would you feel if he killed your own son?

Well there's one thing I know for sure and for true
If Woody was alive he'd be pissed off at you
For seeing the man with the executioners face
I'll bet he would say you are just a disgrace

Well I saw Bob Dylan at the whitehouse today
He looked like he didn't have too much to say
Hanging his head and looking confused
Old Woody would say that you're just being used

While soldiers and throwing their medals away
You got yours and you think it's ok
While Obama is killing whoever he choose
You know the winner now will be later to lose

Obama, Obama who did you kill?
Does it make you feel righteous does it give you a thrill?
Do you sit in the Whitehouse and make all your plans
To bring death and destruction to all them far off lands

So if you stand with him you're part of his crime
When people are dying we must draw the line
They kill women, children, young babies too
To take from the many to give to a few

Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan I'll still sing your song
But I might change a verse if I think you're all wrong
So why won't you stand up, be strong and be brave
So old Woody Guthrie won't roll in his grave
So old Woody Guthrie won't roll in his grave

Been friends with Sam for nearly half a century now, his intelligence, talent and dedication to the cause we and so many others believe in continues to inspire me much as it did back in early winter of '65 when we met. Today i'll sign off as Sam always does.