Enbridge's Misleading Ad Campaign Eliminates 1,000 sq. km. of Islands and Rock Outcroppings

Enbridge deleted 1,000 square km of BC's islands and rock outcropping in Douglas Channel in its recent ad campaign in an attempt to convince the public its pipeline and oil tanker plan is less treacherous than it really is. "The slick route animation and map in the route safety video that's part of Enbridge's most recent propaganda campaign both show the Douglas Channel without the maze of islands and rock outcroppings that oil tankers as long as the Eiffel Tower will have to weave through." - someofus.org

If you're interested in telling Enbridge to pull its misleading pipeline ads immediately please CLICK HERE to use the form on the someofus.org website and join thousands of others who have told Enbridge what they think of their crappy propaganda campaign in the last couple of days.

In addition to the misleading map their most recent misinformation campaign touts the effectiveness of the cleanup technology that would be available in case of a spill during the dangerous passage through the hairpin turns [some 90 degrees] that the 800 huge tankers a year would have to navigate while traversing Douglas Channel. Enbridge, and everybody else in the industry, knows full well that spill cleanup would use skimmers and booms that work only in low breezes and a light chop — not in the treacherous waters and under the extreme weather conditions prevalent on BCs north coast.

Enbridge knows that their tar sands pipeline and supertankers project fantasy both looks and is too dangerous. So what does Enbridge do? They hire the same PR firm that worked for Big Tobacco and Enron to roll out a multi-million dollar public image makeover.

Enbridge, like every corporation, has only one concern - the profits of its shareholders. If Enbridge's Board of Directors, or any other corporation's , ever did anything, including spend money on safety or insurance, beyond the minimum mandated by law they would be sued by their shareholders and thrown out then a new board would replace them immediately. Anyway, i could go on and on, but, as Walter Cronkite used to say, "The way it is."