Canadian Milk Piranhas Would be Far Better Off Shopping in Canada

There they are, day after day, hordes of milk piranhas lined up, often for hours, so they can clog up Costco and other American stores buying Bovine Growth Hormone enhanced milk. It's not just BGH milk the hockey addicted hordes are lining up for, there's gasoline, there's blue jeans, there's...well there's lottsa stuff that's cheaper in the USA. Cheap...usually defined only as low-cost also means shoddy and in the case of milk, shoddy it is.

But even the low-cost definition can be argued if the equation includes not just the retail price but all of the hidden costs not usually accounted for in that 'cheap' gallon of milk, or gas, or? First off just how much money in fuel costs are the Canucks wasting as they sit idling in their jalopies miles from the actual border crossing in the picture above. How much crap are they pumping into our shared Georgia Basin Airshed and who'll pay those eventual costs.

How much is the time they all spend sitting on their asses in the lineup worth considering that they could be using that time to rototill their front yards and put in a veggie garden that would save them huge amounts of dough as well as feed their families quality food. Or they could spend those hours playing ball with their kids or hiking or biking or about a million other things. When they get to be my age i guarantee none of them will look back and wistfully wish they could have saved another buck or two by spending a few more hours sitting in their baking hot cars with the kids.

Of course this tirade is in response to the recently published Facebook page "Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans". It's an interesting site. In it Canucks get an earful from disgruntled Americans. In it they also hear from Ken Oplinger, president of the Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce & Industry, who says, "Canadians play a big role in the county's economy and retail stores need their business. All those Canadians . . . are paying taxes and helping our government provide services."

Good point Ken. In addition to the other hidden costs mentioned above Ken points out that every dollar spent in America isn't being spent in Canada, isn't supporting the neighbors in the community where those Canuck's bucks are being earned, isn't allowing those bucks to recirculate back into the spender's own pockets. What's the cost of and who's paying for that? American goods are 'cheap' because Americans, at least on average, pay far lower taxes and earn far lower wages so the cost of getting that gallon of milk on the shelf is lower. They also get far fewer services from the government. In exchange for their lower wages, taxes, gasoline and milk prices they get shitty schools, shiny guns and shorter lives. Everything considered, IMO, the Canadian milk piranhas would be far better off shopping in Canada.