Question - Why Have More Than 50 Horses Died in Chuckwagon Races Since 1986? Answer - Profits!

Last night, another tragedy at the Calgary Stampede Chuck Wagon Races as 3 more horses died and another is in critical condition. MSM outlets are all running stories about it but refuse to take a stand on the moral implications of running these wonderful loving animals to their deaths for profit and prestige. The MSM articles all mention that animal rights groups oppose the senseless deaths and also quote the profiteers as though they have an equally valid perspective.

Last night Vancouver Humane Society spokesman Peter Fricker said in a statement. "Now is the time to take real action to stop these horses from dying. Clearly, the Stampede's much publicized safety improvements have failed to make the race any safer. Horses continue to die needlessly. This has to stop. The Stampede has run out of excuses. Now is the time to take real action to stop these horses from dying."

Of course, The Mud Report totally agrees with the Vancouver Humane Society except that they stop short of calling for an - absolutely justified - full-fleged boycott of this and all rodeos because of the inhumane treatment of animals in them all. Every watched calf roping, every watched as they cinch up the strap around the bulls balls so he'll buck? It ain't just chuckwagon racing that uses immoral and unethical treatment of innocent animals to generate profits for the capitalists.

It just about makes me puke to hear Stampede spokesman Doug Fraser say as he did last night, " We know there is a love for this sport. We turn around and see the full grandstand that we had last night, we look at the probably millions of people we had in television audience." Undoubtedly that's the exact sentiments that the Roman emperors had about watching the Christians being fed to the lions. As time went by our ancestors realized it isn't moral to feed Christians to the lions in an arena for our perverse gratification even if it's 'profitable'.

It's time for us to realize the same thing about rodeos. These noble creatures are our cousins, they will give everything - including their lives - for us and deserve far more humane treatment than they get in return.