Mr. Mud Believes in Life Before Death

Living every moment fully, as the Dalai Lama reminds us above and as Crazy Horse's defiance teaches us, requires that each of us do what we believe in, that we each stand tall in every circumstance - every moment. Instead, far to often folks 'go along to get along' with their neighbors - near and far - who are just 'going along' themselves. The consequences of people living all their moments paralysed in this collective hypnosis is the subjugation their individual values and deepest beliefs in order to attain acceptance into a consumptive/destructive culture they privately despise.

The materialist culture is at war with the wild. We all know it, but it's far easier for most folks to just not make waves, to carry on, to go along. It's much easier to make believe that the economic system somehow serves their individual and collective self-interest even though it's reverse Robin Hood effect is obvious. Even as every bit of wealth earned by our labor is being robbed by, as The Toilet Bowl Theory of Economics explains, the gravitational effects of interest and regressive taxation millions of folks still line up at the mall for another hit off the crack-pipe of retail therapy.

This war against the wild, against the living Mother that sustains us all, against the perennial grasses killed by herbicides and replaced with petrochemical fed GMO bio-fuels, against the forests where now monoculture 'tree farms' stand, against the tiny pollinators poisoned by pesticides, has no better symbol than North America's last mustangs. "Today, North America's mustangs are running for their lives in a drama that echoes the final stages of the Indian wars. In fact, once the Native American was no longer a threat and the buffaloes were gone, attention was focused on the one animal that most represented freedom." - Deanne Stillman

Freedom from the judgements of what others think of us, freedom from advertising industry induced wants, freedom to be who genuinely are, freedom to stand up straight for what we believe in is a dangerous thing to those who's goal is to dominate and control everything around them. Freedom means living one's life fully in the here and now not being controlled by fear, living freely like the wild mustangs in the high mountains and valleys of the North American west. Freedom means believing in life before death.