Obama and the Democrats are Nervous This Morning

Yesterday's clear victory in Wisconsin by ultra-conservative Republican Governor Scott Walker has the liar Obama and his team sweating this morning. The oily-bomber's spin doctors are out whirling like dervishes, spinning their tale of how Walker out spent the Democrat Barrett 8 to 1, how the evil Koch brothers alone donated twice as much money to Walker as Barrett raised in total.

All that's true, the same billionaires who's post Citizen's United super-pacs are flooding the media in support of Moneybags Mitt threw resources into Scott Walker's anti-union fight while the Democratic party stood by and it was a recipe for defeat. But that bitter brew of defeat contained more than just big bucks, there was lottsa stuff that contributed to the Democrats' defeat. Many folks, of both the elephantine and jack-ass persuasion, were mad about the recall process and angry over the ballooning cost of public employee benefits at a time of economic distress.

Turnout was up by about 400,000 from 2010  when the same two guys were running, but many of those voters cast ballots to keep Walker in office, Walker won by a larger percentage over Barrett than in 2010. So, many Democrats didn't vote as the pundits had predicted, according to exit polls almost 40% of union workers voted against the Democrats.

Looks like Democrats, in Wisconsin at least, are not amused. Looks like the jack-ass party has reason to sweat this morning. The Democrats were highly motivated in 2008 by what turned out to be the empty promises of  'change' by Obama.IT's easy to see how far their spirits have fallen from that glorious election night almost 4 years ago when progressive change seemed real. But Obama didn't do what he promised, didn't even try. He rolled over and became just another lapdog of the corporate greed machine and has taken the enthusiasm of many Democrats down the drain with him.

Obama listened to the advice of his main political adviser 'Rahm the Fixer' who told him that there was no danger to him in 2012 from abandoning his earlier promises and scurrying to the right because his progressive followers would still 'have' to vote for him in 2012. Rahm and David Axelrod et. al were convinced that any Republican candidate would be unacceptable to Democrats in 2012. Rahm Emanuel and Obama's  brain trust were wrong...now there's the smell of fear in that sweat.