Greece's 'Potato Movement' Shows the Way Out of the Euro Crisis for Greeks and Everyone Else

A growing group of grassroots activists are cutting out agricultural middlemen and connecting farmers and shoppers. The historic movement has come to be known as the 'potato movement' - and it is having an empowering effect on Greeks, not only as consumers, but also as citizens and voters.

Thousands of Greeks have taken part in six distributions of rice, flour, potatoes and oil throughout the country. The direct sale of food by producers to consumers is the beginning of a bright new future for Greece, southern Europe and the rest of the beleaguered capitalist/fascist world - hopefully. The 'potato movement' is a body blow to the exploitative capitalist model.  People feeding each other rather than exchanging labor for imaginary fiat money is the way to go.

There are MANY 'potato movements' happening around the world, we don't often hear about them through the corporate media,  but we can feel them quaking and cracking das kapitalist system, to the core. These are the People's Movements...Localization of food production and distribution is the way to bypass government bureaucracy, waste and corruption. Farmers can sell their crop and get enough cash to prepare next year's crop. Consumers get affordable prices and the type of currency or its international exchange rate don't matter a hoot.

Southern Europe can stop this self-destructive bankster driven suicide before it's too late. They do not have to subcontract their destiny to the Bundesbank. Call the German bluff. Capital would flow back into southern Europe once the Latin countries drop the Euro and allow their currencies to float.

Recession-hit Greeks can now buy rice for a euro per kilo directly from producers.