Darkness and Fear Win in Greece, For Now, But Syriza Has Turned on the Light of Hope

By election day the pressure, propaganda, and fear of the unknown had cowered enough Greeks to win a slim majority in the election. The fascist forces have pulled the dark shroud of fear back over the minds of many much to their temporary relief. But one battle isn't a war. Though the banksters fear tactics have gained then some time the endgame for the Euro is fast approaching. Before the Euro, productivity differences northern and southern European productivity were balanced through the currency exchange rates, with the Italian, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese currencies depreciating and the northern currencies, including Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, appreciating. As long as this imbalance exists the Euro's future is doomed.

Syriza will now have the freedom as a opposition party to continue shining its light of resistance despite the darkness of fear that has cowered so many in Greece and beyond. That, shining, that turning on of the light of hope in the darkness is the real story these past 6 weeks in Greece. Alex Tsipras and Syriza have shown millions across Europe and around the world that there is a worldwide people's movement who sees that we have the same enemy, that we are part of a huge historic turning and there is common cause for hope.

Throughout history, revolutions have succeeded when a power system runs its course and becomes historically obsolete. It may survive for a while but eventually a political agent appears, to give the final push to the redundant and harmful ancient regime. The collapse of the Greek political elite is a textbook case of how historical necessity combines with popular desire to lead to radical change. Politically the light shone by the courage of so many Greeks will embolden the resistance and hasten the falling dominoes of its southern European neighbors first, then...

The real war - between fear and hope,  between darkness and light, between the few and the many - will be won one mind at a time. Each individual mind must first turn on to struggle we are all collectively involved in by some means [or memes] that sneak past the veil of its comfortable worldview. Once turned on this newly enlightened mind will inevitably seek to tune in and learn about this great historic struggle whose outcome will determine if the lives of our descendants will be worth living. Then, through learning the truth, each individual mind will freely choose to drop out of this death spiral of materialism and live freely in the knowledge that we, the flora, fauna, microbes, minerals, forces and faeries, are all in this together. Turning on of the light hope for so many is why Syriza has won.